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Roger Federer hitting his on Forehand using the step away and the step out technique. JORGE CAPESTANY… is a USPTA Master Professional & PTR International Professional. Jorge is one of…
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  • Dario Manalo 4 years ago

    Great analysis.

  • 倉持茂樹 4 years ago
  • Wake up sheeple! 4 years ago

    Great video, but the whole clip in one take at the end would have been

  • Jorge Capestany Tennis 4 years ago
  • Norman Heger 4 years ago

    thanks for this detailed analysis of Roger’s open stance forehand… I have
    been teaching the step out and can now add the step away you discussed.
    The video also provides clear illustration of Roger’s forehand loop and
    take back well behind his back

    Norm Heger USPTA Professional