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How to prepare for the best serve.
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  • SomeoneLikeYu 4 years ago

    This is good

  • Bloodybunker27 4 years ago

    I can’t tell you how thankful I am to find this guy, way more in depth than
    any other vids and doing exactly what he does helped inprove my game
    ten-fold and I’m a lot more consistant being a recreational beginner
    looking to compete

  • Tanni Ta 4 years ago

    I’m great as tossing and catching but I have trouble hitting XD

  • eebbeerrttpp 4 years ago


  • Mehdi salmani azar 4 years ago

    thank you .it’s very useful.

  • RollingStone30 4 years ago

    How high can you toss the ball if tossing is so important? IMHO, I raise
    the racket in the air for measurement and toss the ball just a little above
    the racket tot at 1 o’clock and up, I keep my eyes on the ball until I see
    it stops for about two seconds before dropping down, that when I reach and
    hit it. The higher you toss the faster it goes down, the lower you toss the
    slower the ball goes down- gravity law- and you have more time to hit,

  • maratthmola 4 years ago

    Thank you Sir. Keep teaching us great game of Tennis !

  • corbindyt 4 years ago

    I really like your video because you take significant time to help others
    understand. I’ve seen a lot people make very short video and they fly
    through the material which doesn’t really help much unless you are familiar
    with the material already. Thank you for taking your time to make this for

  • benderlandlee 4 years ago

    the simple throwing motion !!! this summary was so good!

  • TNToncourt 4 years ago

    Great coach!

  • Swapnadeep Ghosh 4 years ago

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  • Arum Hermawan 4 years ago

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