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  • eebbeerrttpp 4 years ago


  • TOFFO9G 4 years ago

    Très bonne video mais est-il possible de l’avoir en français ? Merci. Very
    good video but is it possible to have it in French ? Thank you

  • shmaynardable 4 years ago

    I need u to come train me now please and thank u

  • NIGHT2PWN 4 years ago

    nice one man

  • TNToncourt 4 years ago

    Nice vid,my serves go too long so i’ll try this.thanks.

  • TheRevolutions40 4 years ago

    You’re the best!!!! Thanks.

  • Samara Ahmed 4 years ago

    Valerie <3 xxx

  • Terence Hill 4 years ago

    Best video for improving your serve speed! Took me a while to find it –
    there’s a lot of other geriatric teaching out there.

  • Shasha Alvares 4 years ago

    Thank u. Ur very helpful!

  • Wedge Antilles 4 years ago

    Definitely the best tennis teaching I’ve ever watched. Thank you so much.