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How to perform the kick serve in tennis.




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  • Mr. Delles 5 years ago

    Sampras often used the American Twist serve. The ball cuts through the air
    like a slice serve, but when it hits the ground, it bounces in the opposite
    direction. For the American Twist serve, you want to hit the ball from 8 to
    2 o’clock. The follow through doesn’t go across the body. It’s very tough
    to do, but it drives people crazy when they have to adjust to it.

  • TheDirtEffectMS 5 years ago

    keep doing videos please

  • Daniel Sheldon 5 years ago

    YOU SHOULD follow through on the right

  • amraida111 5 years ago

    Thanks x

  • jcbluze 5 years ago

    I know! The ball bounces to the add court in a deuce court serve! You have
    to follow through down the right side of your body or to the body! But it’s
    a very accurate and great serve! My opinion: Sampras was and continues to
    be the best server of all time, Fed, Rod, Isner notwithstanding! Look at
    his stats!

  • cgmx35653 5 years ago

    Said no one ever……..

  • jcbluze 5 years ago

    You’re an excellent intelligent teacher of tennis. You always cover all
    pertinent points required for a tennis student to comprehend easily. As
    always, it’s simple and easy once you understand correctly. I enjoy all
    your serve instructions, and find them to be right on! Thank you very much!
    And I don’t even know your name! You promote good tennis!

  • jcbluze 5 years ago

    The one thing I notice that is different from the way Sampras served, is
    that you come across the body with the follow through. Sampras stays on the
    same side of the body. I find that to be important for accuracy. His
    concentration seems to be on the wrist snap and getting his body into the
    serve, for power. But it may be just personal preference. However: given
    Sampras’ record of aces from both sides, including second serve aces, I
    think it’s important.