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Modern Tennis Footwork... Learn how to move like Federer and Nadal One of the things that makes Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal such good tennis players is their footwork. Their footwork doesn…
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  • Szilvia Madár 4 years ago



  • macwhites 4 years ago

    mr zoo i aint lookin 4ward 2 it.and i dont like 4d tennis.time passes very
    slowly in this vid.and are u criticising footwork of players like connors,
    borg and johnny mac hmmmm?

  • Languillier Bernard 4 years ago

    Very interesting update for people like me who started tennis 25+ years
    ago, thanks!

  • Say0n 4 years ago

    so you can only do a kaorke step for a slice? and the inside step only
    works on 2handed backhand?

  • Rick Draz 4 years ago
  • Zuzia Nowak 4 years ago

    am I the only one around here a little annoyed by all the “you got it”s ? 

  • Jeff Mathieson 4 years ago

    Thank you for generously sharing your wealth of knowledge.

  • Rb Sood 4 years ago

    how do pivot with a walking shot its not effective

  • Hanna AM 4 years ago

    That’s Eugenie Bouchard! (and twin sister)

  • Nicolas Charette 4 years ago

    You lost me at “Nadal puts weight into the ball”.
    The “weight” of a shot only depends on the ball momentum – linear and
    angular momentum (pace and spin). That’s it.

    There are lots of people (coaches) trying to find some other magical
    component like ‘weight’, but it simply doesn’t exist. The term ‘weight’
    doesn’t make a lot of sense talking from a physics standpoint. A tennis
    ball has a certain weight, which doesn’t change. It’s all about the speed
    of the ball and the spin.

  • Lisa Weigand 4 years ago

    Nicolas, its referring to his weight shift which adds to the MASS part of
    the mass & momentum. Does that help? That’s why when Serena uses her legs
    and you see her lean toward the shot, she can hit with mind-blowing speeds.
    I loved this video. Excellent job explaining the various foot patterns.
    Explains why Roger makes it look so easy. The young man in the orange
    shirt who demonstrated the karaoka so well looked like Roger with that
    footwork! I don’t really understand the benefit of the split jump shown at
    the end of the video, unless its simply to increase the forward momentum in
    neutralized, balanced manner (not leaning right or left)??

  • Pete Laupattarakasem 4 years ago

    Nothing really new. I thought he’d taught Federer’s majestic glide. In my
    humble opinion, these tips are very common if you’re well coordinated and
    are quite athletic.

  • Jan Kotvas 4 years ago

    I have one question, how do you handle ball that goes really far up. I’m
    6’1, and sometimes ball goes above me, for that i usually use Nadal’s
    forehand, the one that goes around his head, but I feel there’s a better
    way. I guess getting to the ball before it bounces high up would be good.
    Oh and plus i need to get used to my new racket, so i will get better
    eventually when i get how my racket works.
    If this doesn’t make sense just reply and I’ll explain it better.

  • Gino Ferreri 4 years ago

    Wait! Did the coach say CARIOCA step? Carioca is the native of Rio de
    Janeiro and never heard of this term before. I think I heard Karioke step,
    maybe??? That’s funny!

  • tiesthijsthejs 4 years ago

    … while lacking the rational brain cells to realise that social-cultural
    ‘class’ goes beyond quantity, but demands quality (including intellectual
    development, style, taste and mindfulness). You speak about class but you
    lack on acting classy in every single way.

  • HAlariousInc 4 years ago


  • Tenisman Levent 4 years ago

    çok begendim. ve faydalı buldum. başarılı bir egitim videosu. keşke diğer
    videolar bukadar iyi olabilse…

  • Cristian Garcia 4 years ago

    You couldn’t be more wrong, Federer´s racquet demands a lot from the
    player. Roger is all talent, obviously, including his footwork.

  • jonnyhturbo 4 years ago

    I’d smoke your silly ass anyday. I been playin longer than that. I give up,
    who are you, Samprass? fulla crap. go someplace else. u say u have no time,
    then why do you always come back here? get lost.

  • MinecraftAndFraps 4 years ago

    Yeah sure. Go ahead and explain to an Indian male.

  • Heath Givens 4 years ago

    I can show you a book that says it’s against the law to go to someones
    house and cut someones racquet strings.

  • jonnyhturbo 4 years ago

    well, can you give me examples of where they are making mistakes? because
    if its wrong i dont want to make a bad habit. Do you therefore subscribe to
    the MTM Wegner school of tennis where practicing footwork is considered to
    distract from the hit? and the belief that footwork will come automatically
    with experience, once the hitting fundaentals are correct? I see two
    conflicting schools of thought, each with its own benefits.

  • jonnyhturbo 4 years ago

    ah well, anybody can come on here and accuse and call names, and claim
    anything. so far you have not come up with one example, so we must conclude
    that you are just some idiot behind a computer that seeking self notariety
    . 10 years is nothing.

  • Arturo Gatti 4 years ago


  • Andy Evans 4 years ago

    Nothing new take the ball early and start recovering immediately.