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Rafael Nadal beats Alexandr Dolgopolov (6-3, 7-6) in the final of the Rio de Janeiro Open 2014. Watch the highlights. Rafael Nadal bat Alexandr Dolgopolov (6…

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  • NamelessPoster 5 years ago

    Dolgo has such a great game. He is VERY close to being good enough to win

  • Zacki Inu 5 years ago

    3:57 Is she hot or what?

  • Darth Sidious 5 years ago

    pretty tight match. Hopefully Nadal can get some rest and come back to win
    the Indian Wells & Miami Duo….

  • Johnny McNugget 5 years ago

    Seriously Umpire? 5-4 in the second set, rafa is serving for the FINAL, and
    the guy gives his a time violation?

  • linda gray 5 years ago

    Congratulations Rafa. You played a very smart
    match knowing that you were not 100%. Proud of

    Why were those women standing there with the short
    skirts and tight shirts. No reason other than eye candy? Where they trying
    to sell tennis or something


  • hopy51 5 years ago

    They should invite the ball girl to Roland Garros this year.

  • brendan maloney 5 years ago

    I didn’t know who to root for, nadal and dolgopolov r my favorite tennis
    players !

  • Jaime García 5 years ago

    Great Rafa Nadal. I saw clearly that he isn’t at his best, he’s tired and
    yet mental power remains intact and this is what continues won.

    If someone didn’t see the full match, here is available in 480p quality:

    Vamos Raffaaaa!!! Now Indian Wells!!!! ;D

  • Đỗ Việt Huy 5 years ago

    9:35 oh please the girl

  • Kenny Ching 5 years ago

    pretty ridiculous set of highlights. nadal won the first set (and match
    overall), yet the highlights of the first set were all points won by
    dolgopolov. rrrright.

  • Shibarjun Saha 5 years ago

    RAAFA The Great !! Great Win ….62 Titles & going …….CONGRATS RAFA !!
    AO was a misery but he tried his best -not only with Palm wound but also
    with the sudden back pain – It was actually his 14th. Grand Slam in the
    pocket, but sadly he just could’nt compete -very sad. But Stan The Man was
    in gr8 form and I’m happy for him -that he’s won a Grand slam out of no

  • DB GAMINGTR 5 years ago

    It was like only Dolpogolovs highlights

  • Johnny McNugget 5 years ago

    Is it just me or does Dolgopolov look hilarious when he does a buggy whip

  • hopy51 5 years ago

    Yes, 7 unforced errors is much better. I’m still very dissapointed from the
    AO final but there is nothing to do about it. Now IW, Miami-and FINALLY the
    hard court tournaments will end. I want the clay season to start.

  • Alex K. 5 years ago

    8:46 most ridiculous return ever

  • capoman1 5 years ago

    I like how this tournament “provides” some hot ass women to put on the
    court. That is hilarious!

  • BrotherTree1 5 years ago

    Pretty good match. Dolgo tried to hit his way through with variety but,
    more often than not, he couldn’t find stability against Rafa’s baseline
    game. It was a good effort, I thought he played well for a fair amount of
    the match – just wasn’t able to take his opportunities until the tail end
    of the 2nd set. Nadal’s movement looked a lot better compared to the
    previous epic. First set he was too passive, but stepped it up a bit after
    that. Fun and decent quality final overall. Now with Rio in the bag, he
    should feel more confident and now has some time to get better physically
    before IW.

  • federman garcia 5 years ago

    grandísimo nadal seras siempre el numero 1

  • Topaze1213 5 years ago

    Fantastique match… merci….

  • gitanodel69 5 years ago

    “OH OUIIII!” ah ah la vieille voix ^^

  • Laurent Gianviti 5 years ago

    Les vidéos D’indien Wells ? :-)

  • Сергей Бурима 5 years ago

    Вітаю Олександра з чудовою грою! Бажаю повернутися до топ-листа!)

  • Julian Galarzo 5 years ago
  • aerospecial 5 years ago

    Τί μωρό ατελείωτο είναι αυτό δίπλα στον Nadal! Δεν μπορώ σου λέω!

  • Letasou Twi 5 years ago

    Oh mon dieu, qu’est-ce qu’ils commentent mal…