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Andy Murray and Roger Federer took to Rod Laver Arena to fight for the final spot in the Australian Open semifinals.
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  • Midogame 5 years ago

    It wasn’t that decisive to be controversial. I mean, Murray managed to win
    that set anyway. So no big deal.

  • asdjfnljn3 5 years ago

    Federer’s new racket is making a huge difference in his game! Go Roger!

  • jamy flams 5 years ago

    go federer!

  • Marquinten Bryant 5 years ago

    So good Rod Laver had to get up and clap, I apologize if I misspelled his

  • Osiyemi Osipitan 5 years ago

    Even now, still not sure if it bounced twice

  • drixxx26 5 years ago

    i think it bounced twice both in the court and in his racket and thats why
    it was valid, anyways it was one point out of all the other that had been
    played, wasnt match point and murray won that set anyways, and the chair
    judge didnt say it bounced twice so we dont really make a difference

  • vierdiez 5 years ago

    I really hope Roger can defeat Rafa this time…

  • Sean Lee 5 years ago

    If you replay it over and over it definitely seems like a double bounce! 

  • اسامه الخالد 5 years ago

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