Share Button In this video, a much-loved American voice reads the words of a very contented exercise band customer. His text is taken from a 5-star …

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  • Sleek Tone Resistance loop 4 years ago

    Noted Voices Of Our Times Read Exercise Band Reviews Part 1

  • Peter K 4 years ago

    This is the kind of vid that could go viral. Very nicely done!

  • whitecondor3 4 years ago

    Fun video and I love the pic at the end.

  • Dez Roye 4 years ago

    Funny…and original!

  • Joy Harrington Tyson 4 years ago

    Love your very original video!

  • Jim Conyers 4 years ago

    I’ve used this type of bands in my rehabbing of many different injuries.
    I’m also learning while getting my personal trainers certificate the
    benefits of using bands in a regular training routine. In my opinion, bands
    should be used by anyone serious about getting into the best shape