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  • Wayne Gichie 4 years ago

    New Video. How to defend against a knife attack using a Nunchaku. Check
    out How to defend against a knife attack using a nunchaku?

  • Wayne Gichie 4 years ago

    New Nunchaku video Volume# 7, check out Nunchaku Training Volume# 7 Warm
    Ups and Drills

  • Wayne Gichie 4 years ago

    New Nunchaku video, check out Nunchaku Flow

  • AQWBloodxs 4 years ago

    wish I was Bruce lee….

  • Wayne Gichie 4 years ago

    #nunchucks #nunchaku #karate #waynegichie #martialarts #brucelee
    #mma #ufc 

  • Antonio Diaz 4 years ago

    Did you study kyokushin?

  • Terrence Calnimptewa 4 years ago

    Yes hi.! Just had a question about the length of nun chucks chain. Mine has
    nine links on it and is difficult to do the hand swiffle. What’s ur best
    idea to accomplish this errorer?

  • rijilesh c p 4 years ago

    thanks for this video …. you showed in detail how to practice.. Thanks a
    lot! I would buy rubber version to practice. I already have wooden one. As
    you said, more care, less danger less damage!

  • Daleigh Powell 4 years ago

    my friend showed me this video …you inspired me to go get my rubber
    chucks… how long should I practice this first lesson

  • johan wijaya 4 years ago

    It’s japanese weapon? Come from japan? It’s right? So bruce lee born from

  • greendrama 4 years ago

    I like his presenting style : ) more entertaining than informative : )

  • Fernando Sanchez 4 years ago

    Incredible, you only showed off and did not teach anything. Bad thing. Be
    humble and teach, only teach.

  • gchsbari 4 years ago

    Very, very good.

  • eden alaneme 4 years ago

    thank u i learned so much from u.

  • Wayne Gichie 4 years ago

    #nunchucks #nunchaku #karate #martialarts #waynegichie #fitness

  • studentOnly78 4 years ago

    you use the real one at 0:05 to 0:39 demo?
    that’s very fast.

    I can’t do that in real nunchaku.

  • gchsbari 4 years ago

    Very, very good.

  • Juan Perez 4 years ago

    I love it

  • Richard Gansel 4 years ago

    is the nunchaku hitting you when it goes behind you back and behind your

  • Marek Bari 4 years ago

    Hi, im glad that first 40 seconds are not your tutorial :D ..I recieved my
    first nunchaku ever, foam nunchaku for safe beginning…from my brother on
    Christmas today and i will start with this move thank you :) And as i can
    see, there is much more interesting stuff on your channel so i will
    subscribe :)

  • maximo Valente 4 years ago
  • marmellatabuona 4 years ago

    Great video! Thanks.

  • D Niles 4 years ago


  • Kevin S 4 years ago

    You can use foam nunchukus as well.