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  • Top-Tennis-Training Master Your Game 4 years ago

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    that will help you improve every part of your tennis game.

  • bob jones 4 years ago

    Is that even a real tennis ball?

  • mrrusss 4 years ago

    I used to wonder why the hell someone would like this but once I started
    learning how to hit properly it’s like the feeling of hitting the sweet
    spot on a golf club 40 times a minute. Phenomenal cardio that’s not boring.

  • Jacob Chang 4 years ago

    I just realized that instead of buying an expensive ball machine, I will
    take my kids to a wall. Thanks! :)

  • Cloud Wade 4 years ago
  • KingOfBeatdown 4 years ago

    I couldn’t tell but are you changing your grip when you did those slices
    with the backhand?

  • Jesus Hernandez 4 years ago

    Thanks man I been looking to learn how to use the wall properly, this will

  • Mert Kalender 4 years ago

    What i think is that your play is perfect except one point: you use your
    whole arm instead of your wrist.That last swing with the forehand should be
    done with the wrist,not the arm. Except that,you are really really good.

  • HouseMusicLover1295 4 years ago

    Too bad our local training wall is too fucked up, to use it like that.
    That’s a gem you got compared to all the walls I’ve seen. Great footwork
    and technique by the way; looks good.

  • Fly Fox Air 4 years ago

    this is great, i did not know all of those drills with the wall. Im having
    trouble with my forehand, i might give a couple of these a go. Ty 

  • MrSkull 4 years ago

    Wow, i never knew that you can practice so many things with just a wall

  • MaxFlare 4 years ago

    A wall is your best coach and partner.

  • Joshua Villasanta 4 years ago

    You’ll see that he always hits with a spin on the ball. As the ball meets
    the rackets face.

  • UchihABitachi 4 years ago

    Thanks for demonstrating these great drills. Your technique and consistency
    is outstanding! I like your approach shot to volley drills.

  • David Whittington 4 years ago

    I have to laugh at you clowns who criticize this guy’s tennis strokes.
    This guy blindfolded could kick your asses on the tennis courts. If any of
    you would watch any ATP major event finals, you would notice ALL top tennis
    players have slightly different stroke mechanics. There is NO ‘right way’
    to hit a tennis ball.

  • Mofuzable 4 years ago

    Tell me how all these people on YouTube are giving the guy tips and acting
    as experts, even though he can probably kick all of your asses. 

  • Wayne Perkins 4 years ago

    i think ur 1 hand back hand is better then the 2 hand

  • Hans Werner 4 years ago

    Für Anfänger mehr bringt das nicht

  • Eduardo Pereyra 4 years ago

    are you a giant? or is that court just small? nice hitting

  • Felipe Medeiros 4 years ago

    whats the wall material?

  • Mattin Nguyen 4 years ago

    Nice racquet, sir.

  • Richard Delgado 4 years ago

    Holy fuck batman…nice cardio going on there, trust me , that s harder
    then it looks

  • Ander Gómez 4 years ago

    quien necesita compañero para entrenar

  • TDTam11 4 years ago

    I did this today at a Handball Court and i sure could have used a Ball Boy.

  • Napat Supajanyawat 4 years ago

    Great footwork and strokes. :)