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Click to Subscribe – Roger Federer Serve Lesson – Bucket Toss Drill (Top Speed Tennis) In this video…
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  • Vinicius Camata 4 years ago

    Excellent video. Congratulations for all your content. For the first time I
    watch a video (after thousands) with the bucket in this position for the
    first service.
    Please, could you post a picture of federer on the ad court and draw the
    location of the bucket? In my practice I never know where to put it,
    whether for the first or second serve.
    Thank you

  • Ilhan Refioglu 4 years ago

    Great channel…You are able to explain in great technical depth the
    mechanics but yet convert to simple terms so people can grasp the concepts
    fom both angels… RARE TALENT, CONGRATS! Here is some suggestions to expand
    on the topic:
    1/ What happens to the toss for different serves, e.g blue box for slice
    and green for second serves….and expand on how to go the center (t-bone) or
    wide for each type of serves, first flat, first slice and second serves…
    2/ I find it a lot easier to pronate in my first serve and hit better kicks
    to the add court…any insight, related to the toss??? Just a personal
    question but you may want expand your toss lesson to cover both sides…KEEP

  • zeb358 4 years ago

    By far the best explanation of Federer’s ball toss anywhere! Federer’s toss
    motion is identical to Sampras’ and its not coincidence that both have the
    most consistent and varied serves ever. Now I have to try and explain to my
    coach to stop making me toss the ball straight up really far into the court
    and very much to the right! Good job!

  • Top Speed Tennis 4 years ago