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Slow motion and real-time video footage of backhand slice shots by Roger Federer on the practice courts. More Roger Federer slow motion videos: Serve: Forehand Volleys:.
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  • 0:45 .. The feet with no body O_o

  • Masaaki Miyamoto 4 years ago
  • Kimba Wardana 4 years ago


  • pointtheblame 4 years ago

    i do it the same way .. in my mind

  • Robert Hemmings 4 years ago

    @jebzino Basically you have headlight racquets and head heavy racquets.
    Head heavy racquets are more powerful. This means the handle is lighter,
    thus enabling greater swing velocity. Headlight racquets, such as mine and
    Federer’s (the K.six one tour or BLX tour) are heavier in the
    handle. The swing velocity is thus considerably slower. Overall, headlight
    racquets are typically heavier than head heavy racquets. Just check the
    stats for Federer’s and Sampras’ racquets.

  • dmh091 4 years ago

    Roger’s slice is definitely not the best in the game. Not as great as, for
    instance, Graf’s, obviously.

  • urmominbedissexy 4 years ago

    @nybombs what u are saying just proves my point.. cause if you are sayin
    that nadal has a slice just as good as federer that means that federers
    slice is not as good as it seems….

  • ASOTpewpew 4 years ago

    I’ve realized people who usually give advice on the internet are wrong and
    have no idea what they are saying

  • tobo86 4 years ago

    Haha I bet he believes himself too!

  • jebzino 4 years ago

    @Veneratio10 I’m just gonna stop responding because you’re proving just how
    uncredible you are. This video is of Federer hitting slice backhands NOT
    forehands, no one here is debating his forehand or grip and he certainly
    doesn’t hit floater forehands, just the opposite in fact. Think what you
    want about how fastly superior your game is because you use a 90 sq inch
    racquet and how precise you have to be to hit a floater of a slice
    backhand, good look with that.

  • chris boothby 4 years ago

    most underated part of feds game one of the best backhand slices in the
    history of the game, when he’s aggressive with it!

  • Chipinjack 4 years ago

    Take back is a little high Rog…best keep that racket opposite your left

  • Robert Hemmings 4 years ago

    @jebzino Sorry let me rephrase. By harder I assume you mean a faster shot,
    not with more spin. WIth a heavier racquet such as my own and Federer’s,
    the amount of spin is dictated by the technique of the player, string
    tension and pattern. A looser string tension and more open string pattern
    means more spin. You are wrong that a heavier racquet creates more power in
    the shot than a lighter racquet. You need to break down the science of
    racquets to understand this.

  • xMEStyle_ 4 years ago

    He’s now 3rd ranked in the world for tennis =

  • Wodz30 4 years ago

    These are backhand chip slices being returned from top spin forehands.
    Federer creates more of a chopping motion (as ABridgeTooShort pointed out)
    to pop the ball up as opposed to a classic slice. This shot is designed to
    slow the ball down, remove pace and force the opponent to create pace on
    the return. If you watch a Federer match this is the chip slice he hits
    that slowly floats through the air. The bounce is unlike a slice since the
    objective is to remove pace. :)

  • CoDINmyHEART 4 years ago

    @urmominbedissexy omg mate, seriously choose another sports video to judge
    in a wrong way …. if we asked Wilander, McEnroe, or any other tennis
    expert or maybe players that plays an the moment like Tsonga and Ferrer for
    example, they would all say he has an unbelievable slice… :)

  • jebzino 4 years ago

    @ARTZY64 Laver hit a wicked slice with a 80 inch wooden stick. My point
    wasn’t about racquet size (which somehow got brought into the equation) but
    about technique.

  • Blinx482 4 years ago

    I’m not trying to take sides in this, i just wanted to add that Will Smith
    being impressed isn’t a validation for anything, seeing as he’s not a
    tennis player lol.

  • Robert Hemmings 4 years ago

    @jebzino And lastly, of course most players would find it difficult to hit
    a slice with a racquet with small headsize. And I mean pulling off a
    credible slice. The problem with a small headsize racquet with most shots
    is you have to be very precise in hitting the sweet spot – but when you do,
    you’ll often create a very nice shot. Unfortunately for most recreational
    players, it’s very difficult to consistently hit the sweet spot. So yes, a
    larger headsize racquet makes it easier to hit slice.

  • Armando Lara 4 years ago

    Check how in 1:04 the follow throw is more in front rather than down

  • futuramaishot 4 years ago

    make what?

  • Ou8y2k2 4 years ago

    Irrelevant. It doesn’t have to be to get the job done.

  • Robert Hemmings 4 years ago

    @jebzino I use both the K Factor 6.1 tour (Federer’s previous racquet) and
    BLX 6.1 tour (Federer’s current) and must say they’re very control
    orientated, but also very unsuitable for beginners. You also need to
    generate your own power, which of course is a problem for beginners because
    the headsize and thus sweetspot are so small. With this in mind, you would
    hit harder slices with the vast majority of other racquets such as yours.

  • Ou8y2k2 4 years ago

    /watch?v=B01nhqJizTc Slice winners off both sides on the defense and

  • ARTZY64 4 years ago

    @jebzino I used the original 80 Pro Staff and could crank a mean slice.
    Yeah, it’s mainly technique.