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Slow motion and stop action video of Serena Williams hitting a slice serve ace while winning the title against Marion Bartoli at the Bank of the West Classic tournament, Stanford, CA 2001.
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  • Monika Kavcic 4 years ago

    I play tennis and this isn’t easy sport. But I like tennis. And I am good

  • Monika Kavcic 4 years ago

    I play tennis and it isn’t easy 

  • sharad varshney 4 years ago

    Service technique in tennis

  • Ahmet Batki 4 years ago
  • Mr. Mike Dawson 4 years ago
  • Tennis Angel 4 years ago

    Serena absolutely pronates as do all the top pros. If you can’t see it you
    are not really looking.

  • Tennis Angel 4 years ago

    I never said anything about shoulder rotation! My definition is from
    Stedman’s Medical Dictionary. I am very familiar with Brian Gordon’s work.
    He has substantiated much of the work of Oscar Wegner, an authoritative
    source on modern tennis technique. Besides, the question here was not the
    degree of force from pronation in the pro serve, you contended that it does
    not exist in this example, which the footage itself clearly contradicts. 

  • Tennis Angel 4 years ago

    Easy. At :20, at :50, at 1:54. The palm is facing toward the right fence,
    NOT at the target.
    Pronation: rotation of the forearm in such a way that the palm of the hand
    faces backward when the arm is in the anatomic position, or downward when
    the arm is extended at a right angle to the body

  • Jim Fawcette 4 years ago

    I’m don’t mean to say that Fed uses pronation; instead, he uses what
    teaching pros call pronation. Scientists say that is the wrong word. Again,
    this isn’t my opinion, this is what bio-mechanical scientists that study
    athletes say. Wish I could post links, but YouTube blocks those. Look at,
    say, some photos of Djokovic. You see him rotate from his shoulder, then
    after the ball is hit, the outside bone on his forearm is pushed up, other
    bone, the “Ulner” is pointing down. Not simple pronation

  • stsheep 4 years ago

    /watch?v=8xbC31AQqSg Slice out wide at duce court with clear pronation.

  • ARTZY64 4 years ago

    No pro does that… that’s for hackers

  • Scott McClintock 4 years ago

    All of you are stupid. Just ask her and fed how its done and you’ll know…
    or pay their serve coach a fee and find out.

  • Jim Fawcette 4 years ago

    Yup, good observation that her arm rotates prior to striking the ball, but
    does not continue to rotate severely outward, which is the process that
    some teaching pros characterize as pronation and claim all pros do on every
    single serve. There are many elements of rotation: Shoulder, ulnar
    deviation, and pronation, certainly not predominantly pronation (a misused
    word). Williams does not end up with her palm facing far out to her right
    or even upwards, as say, John Isner does on a kick serve.

  • Henin Graf 4 years ago

    i hate serena williams luck serve!

  • Coleman Roberts 4 years ago

    you reasoning is worse than Rush Limbaugh’s

  • marcia milbanks 4 years ago

    ?! You’re just itching for someone to call you retarded, aren’tcha? Serena
    Williams hit a Record 102 aces at Wimbledon last year!Serena did that via
    her consummate Skill, not mere “luck,” Retardo.There.You got your wish! :-)

  • Armando Lara 4 years ago

    Very nice video, and explanation as well. I didn’t know that there is no
    pronation in slice serve, That’s why i don’t do it. Now I will.

  • ARTZY64 4 years ago

    I just ran this video at half-speed (which is 1/4 full speed) and she DOES
    pronate on the slice serve. It’s simply not natural to not pronate. This
    guy is wrong, and on top of that many people are going to wind up with
    tennis elbow because of that. Everybody, just throw the racquet head at the
    ball without trying to put any ‘junk’ on the ball. The arm will turn inward
    naturally (to protect itself).

  • Jim Fawcette 4 years ago

    Yes, amateurs can, but pros don’t. That hasn’t been taught in perhaps 20
    years and certainly no tour pros suppinate on the slice. The question is
    whether the pros rotate their arms and palms outward after impact on every
    serve. Many pros (Federer, Djokovic, Raonic) do, I’m simply showing that
    isn’t the only way.

  • jenwill11 4 years ago

    Superb, thank you

  • Karuskas 4 years ago

    I don’t think she stops rotating at impact, why you stopped the video at
    the most interesting part? :D At the end I think seconds later one would
    see that her racketface points to the right, so even Serena does rotate.
    But I’m not sure cause the first slowmotion is filmed from a bad angle so
    it’s not really clear to see

  • joe totprp 4 years ago

    one hundred percent agree . Opens up way to early doesnt pronate on her
    slice serve she slaps at it. If she had better technique, like any male pro
    her serve would be harder and more consistent..

  • ARTZY64 4 years ago

    Robin Soderling pronates on the slice serve

  • Tom Scanlan 4 years ago

    Don’t feed the troll. He/she knows Queen Rena is the greatest womens tennis

  • Fo4ts 4 years ago

    A wonderful fake. Slice can touch her only by the racket work of the arm
    from an elbow. At first she grips it and changes it. She throws the
    remainder by an angle of the gut and the turn of the arm.