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Footage of Serena Williams hitting her forehand, backhand and serve in super slow motion at the 2013 Cincinnati Open.
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  • circuitdesign 4 years ago

    The common theme here is the great extension she has. But nobody ever asks
    for my opinion. I don’t know why. I have seen thousands of YouTube videos,
    so I have put my time in. I know what I’m talking about. But nobody
    listens, nobody cares…

  • Makedon Makedonski 4 years ago

    I cant concentrate on her forehand, backhand… I try …hers hump is
    amazing…Serena is the best …

  • Denise Morgan Jordan 4 years ago

    just getting back into the game after many many years and need as many
    pointers as possible . . . the backhand prep and the racket head looking
    perpendicular to the court is my goal

  • randomizing1000 4 years ago

    in my opinion,the best tehnique of backhand both in female and male
    competition..others seem tight and stiff

  • richards winston 4 years ago

    Cool video

  • richards winston 4 years ago

    Is that what your looking at you,”negative asshole”

  • Trent Timoy 4 years ago

    Great technique, one of the best two-handed bh’s in the business. Footwork
    is impeccable. Early preparation (I wish I had that down pat) is fantastic.
    And then the hump…that thing is the 9th wonder of the world. 

  • MyJrTennis TournamentPal 4 years ago

    Take your game to the next level! Download it today!!

  • Andrew the Beatnik 4 years ago

    Could we get an ultimate slow motion compilation for Benoit Paire and
    Sabine Lisicki? Cool videos by the way!