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For more reviews on the STIGA Carbonado 190 blade visit TableTennisDaily’s Equipment Review Centre here: Watch the …

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  • Colonel_Unicorn 4 years ago

    been waiting for this for 2 weeks! So hyped

  • ttCountenance 4 years ago

    I don’t care about blades I want to play with Xu Xin !! Anyway Dan looks
    like a pro blocking all those heavy topspins made by Karlsson.

  • Todd Fee 4 years ago

    Look at my channel I review table tennis products such as blades, rubbers,
    and more.

  • olaniyi570 4 years ago

    Nice review. Thank you. So Xu just happened to be in the area? Or did he
    fly in just to do this?

  • MrTheportal 4 years ago

    Nice review buddy!

  • TableTennisDaily 4 years ago
  • Omar Watted 4 years ago

    is this thing very important ?
    I don’t think so

  • دروس الأندرويد 4 years ago

    Please Which is Better Over All And What You Suggest ( DONIC Acuda S1
    Turbo ) Or ( DONIC Acuda S2 ) Becouse i Cant Choose What To Buy 

  • JKD1735281 4 years ago

    You are sooooo lucky to be able to practice with players like Fan Zhendong,
    Xu Xin etc

  • daniel öhrman 4 years ago

    sooo when are they hitting the market?

  • Siegbert Müller 4 years ago

    Very nice review
    I enjoyed every second of this review

  • DKPOWA 4 years ago

    Lots of fun, love how you landed this “job” with Stiga, great for you and
    Stiga ;)

  • Denopoly 4 years ago

    dude……u hit the ball around with flippin Xu Xin!!!! 

  • ReyIined 4 years ago

    Thanks for the review! I think my style is a bit similar to yours. Which
    one did you like better personally?

  • 17teacmrocks 4 years ago

    dan’s blocking is very good. karlsson couldn’t necessarily finish him on
    the atk. there was more of a level gap when he was on offense. but dan
    could be a decent practice partner at the pro level

  • Jeff M 4 years ago

    Excellent review! There was one word I couldn’t catch at 5:20, the (____)
    effect was excellent?

  • wayne tam 4 years ago
  • Z ZENG 4 years ago

    xu xin’s forehand looks so comfortable. its like he is 100% controlling the
    ball. I dont know how to describe

  • Daniel Eymann 4 years ago

    Another Great review

  • Ángel Suárez 4 years ago

    Amazing review, I want to play like Xu Xin

  • دروس الأندرويد 4 years ago

    You Worth At Least 10k Billion Subscribes

  • jsjw2 4 years ago

    Does this one still have a smaller headsize? looks like 155mm by 150mm.

  • VJ-RoGeRs - BS 4 years ago


  • Ilestun 4 years ago

    Like a ZJK sZLC ? Ouch, i was hoping for slower blades with more feeling
    and flex. I use Calibra Tour M on FH, love it on my flexible IF AL but find
    it unplayable on hard and stiff blades……like those carbonado…

  • Jayce Soberano 4 years ago

    What hardness of rubbers fit the 190? Soft, medium or hard?