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In this video Ian addresses the differences between keeping the arm straight or slightly bend during a forehand, and what kind of an impact the distinction can have for you! Need lessons?…
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  • Chris Papadopoulos 4 years ago

    One hand backhand fully extended on the top!! ;)

  • Vikram Hattangady 4 years ago

    Most satisfaction:
    Inside out forehand

  • Yashwant Patil 4 years ago

    Answer :) : One handed backhand…. absolutely love love hitting my
    backhand. Gives me most joy!

  • theRFmaestro 4 years ago

    The run around inside out forehand 

  • Ricardo Afonso 4 years ago

    Backhand Slice Cross court (or as aproach shot)

  • Arjun Harer 4 years ago

    My flat fast 1st serve is my best shot. My question for you is how do you
    get better in the winter at tennis. When conditions don’t allow you to
    practice a lot

  • Altamish Mahomed 4 years ago

    Topspin one-handed backhand down the line. ^^,
    1hbh is, in my opinion, the most beautiful shot in the game.
    I’m somehow more accurate with it and tend to generate more power than my

  • Yaseen Siddeeque Ali 4 years ago

    Running forehand cross court passing short winner, when opponent is
    expecting down the line winner 

  • ninisgreekronaldo 4 years ago

    Drop shot down the line with side spin, so that it bounces laterally off
    the court. Most satisfying shot ever

  • Pat Wu 4 years ago

    flat inside out leftie forehand winner

  • Andrei Rocha 4 years ago

    Nice Studio, great video…
    Keep it up

  • dev karastha 4 years ago

    crosscourt backhand, its the shot I feel most loose on. my whole arm swings
    through, clean as a whistle ala kvitova. POJD!!

  • draconis228 4 years ago

    QoD: forehands cross court (slice or topspin)

  • Thomas Benedikt 4 years ago

    Favorite Shot? I guess my short cross court forehand, especially when I’m
    under pressure. I just love the feeling of turning the dynamic of a point

  • BatteredSav100 4 years ago

    Single handed topspin backhand down the line passing shot… just like
    Wawrinka… soooooooo satisfying

  • Micah Touchet 4 years ago

    Answer to question of the day: the dropshot, particularly forehand

  • aca99da 4 years ago

    Hi Ian, to answer your question the volley is my favorite shot. Probably
    because it goes hand-in-hand with an aggressive tennis strategy, it relies
    on finesse and placement rather than pure power and it always feels more
    satisfying to hit the ball before it bounces for some reason!

  • itry2brational 4 years ago

    I have a topic idea: what to do when you have to play injured or slightly
    injured. Adjustments you might need to make etc. We can’t always play when
    we are in our top condition.

  • Essential Tennis - Lessons and Instruction for Passionate Players 4 years ago

    To hit your forehand with a straight or slightly bent arm; that is the
    question (and Ian has the answer)!

  • Janice Boyd 4 years ago

    My money shot is my left handed back hand passing shot down the line.

  • khaled bakour 4 years ago

    Back Hand Smash…my favorite 

  • Victor Alves 4 years ago

    Most satisfying: a well “aimed” volley with some punch ;-)

  • Robert Koga 4 years ago

    two handed forehand

  • Neeraj Chepuri 4 years ago

    A passing shot when the other player is at the net and I am on the run

  • John H 4 years ago

    My favorite shot is my kick serve. I’m a lefty, and when I hit it
    correctly, my opponent moves toward the ball, only to have it kick into
    their body. I’ve had several aces where the ball hit my opponent in the