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Stuart’s Of Boca Tennis Lessons. Jerry shows advantages of hitting left handed and right handed.
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  • historian111z 4 years ago

    a natural lefty.

  • Robert Warren 4 years ago

    JEERRRRRRYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess he hasn’t seen my forehand. Mine is
    the greatest! Yukari sent me this video.

  • Fluvant 4 years ago

    Hi Jerry! Nice forehand ya got there

  • roden1985 4 years ago

    Hey Jerry,great video,you should consider rettiling your video to emphysize
    the advantage of serving with both hands,that would intrigue more
    players(viewers) as to what the video is about,i found it extemely helpful!

  • ronghoward 4 years ago

    How does this promote your store Stuart’s of Boca?

  • Edward Gooler 4 years ago

    I finally learned why Jerry,my favorite stringer, has no backhand. Ed Gooler

  • David Howard 4 years ago

    Hello Peter, you haven’t changed a bit!