Share Button Ever play against an opponent in singles who is incredibly fast and hits only forehands? It seems like no matter how good of a…

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  • Essential Tennis - Lessons and Instruction for Passionate Players 5 years ago

    Learn how to defeat a singles opponent with an awesome inside out forehand!

  • Castelluzzo Antonio 5 years ago

    Ottime considerazioni per ottimizzare la posizione in campo, fondamentale
    per una corretta strategia di giuoco..

  • Raisen Tim 5 years ago

    Great tips, I kept thinking all the time how Federer does these extremely
    well and he’s very good at handling the opponents I/O FHs even with his
    apparently “weak” one-hander; he either hits a crosscourt BH that
    penetrates the court with placement or spin and makes it hard for the
    opponent to be aggresive when he runs around his BH, or changes to a
    moderante DTL BH, which often gives him a FH on his next shot. In any case
    the only way to do this is to have a solid BH that can keep up against
    those I/O FHs.

  • Joe Farah 5 years ago

    I have worked plenty on my cross court backhand lately. This really
    elevated my game. Being able to redirect the ball cross court, deep, with
    good spin, is such a crucial element of not just defending against the
    inside out forehand but also getting back to neutral and maybe offense.
    It’s easier to shore that shot up than to hit down the line backhands for
    me but that’s something I will also build into my game. 

  • Sem meijer 5 years ago

    What’s the facebook page?

  • TheBigjayz 5 years ago

    Ty for making these kinds of video

  • Don Slater 5 years ago

    Definitely good advice, I liked the sort of step recommendations. The call
    out about shot preferences is spot on too. I’m usually much quicker than
    my opponents and hit I/O forehands frequently to force errors or hit
    winners, but my I/I forehand is not nearly as comfortable a shot

  • jasonvrodrigues 5 years ago

    what about drop shots down the line?