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Sveto’s handfeeding drills is a very useful teaching tool for parents and coaches to improve players footwork.
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  • Calvin Chiu 4 years ago

    Goodrills !!

  • Junior Tennis 4 years ago

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  • Cedo Mitrovic 4 years ago

    great drills………..respect!

  • Pablo violanti 4 years ago

    Good job Sveto very original ! Thanks for share that.Greetings

  • BigAlaMcC 4 years ago

    Impressive simple drills, love it! I’ll be using these with the kids next
    time i see them.

  • William Goetz 4 years ago

    Excellent. Thanks Sveto.

  • Eduardo Cavasotti 4 years ago

    drills are great, but when feeding to the backhand use right hand and left
    hand to feed to the backhand to deliver the ball at a more natural angle
    when hand feeding.. i love the drills though..

  • Tennis Avi-ram 4 years ago

    Great coaching. 1 of the best videos i’v seen for a long time .

  • rcristalli 4 years ago

    Very good

  • Marina Body 4 years ago

    Very useful.

  • Thom Li 4 years ago

    nice Great coaching !!!

  • tresponder 4 years ago

    Bravo…molto bello.

  • Chandrashekar B.S 4 years ago

    nice drills for players thanks Mr. Sveto

  • tennistour80 4 years ago

    Best footwork drills for club players like me. Thanks. You are the best.

  • Rifky Rafeek 4 years ago

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  • lakshitha gunasekara 4 years ago

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  • Krishna Sundar Shrestha 4 years ago

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