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Put some spin on the tennis ball with a forehand slice. Learn tips for hitting tennis approach shots with these free video lessons. Expert: Hill Marks Bio: C…

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  • Andrew Kennedy 5 years ago

    the slice is supposed to have a flat and downward projectory and drop fast
    so it is hard to hit. these guys are hitting the ball upwards like its a lob

  • free533 5 years ago

    hhaha, you should never do a forehand slice and those volleys were terrible

  • itchyb00 5 years ago

    i can’t tell exactly what they are doing wrong =

  • Be a Man 5 years ago

    yes it is….any average 3.0 could do this

  • mrbackhand1234 5 years ago

    yea they SUCK. none of their shots were good in any way. the first guy was
    almost taking full swings at hit volley, and there was no footwork or

  • econtrols 5 years ago

    these volleys are horrible! I especially like the way the guy hits the ball
    into the net…

  • gfunk449 5 years ago

    those guys are awful tennis players.

  • alanator316 5 years ago

    Thats not how you hit a forehand. I should stop watching these videos
    before I start to play in a uncoordinated way.

  • NewGunner84 5 years ago

    how are those volleys…they are tying to slice or kill the ball

  • David Leong 5 years ago

    nice but don’t swing on your volleys ;-)

  • xdyenastyx 5 years ago