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Tennis Backhand Topspin Lesson  (Top Speed Tennis)

Click For Free Video: Tennis Backhand Topspin Lesson (Top Speed Tennis) In this video we will go over how to get…




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  • matt manion 4 years ago

    king salmon from Lake Michigan….great fun! Good Fall memories to help get
    me through the Winter :)

  • mah6786 4 years ago

    Thanks for making this video, Clay. You’re a great teacher.

  • Rene Blais 4 years ago


    Let me know what is happening with my elbow during the backhand movement:
    when it is fully bend? when is it totally extend?

  • Nainesh Patel 4 years ago

    Hey clay this video helped a lot with my topspin backhand and I really
    appreciate it ! I just bought a babolat today and tried it out and I
    noticed a massive change in my game from a “spin” perspective .. But I’m
    having a nightmare with my serves I can’t get them to land in the service
    box. They either go behind the line towards the base line or go straight
    deep into the doubles ally. If you could please make a video on how to get
    the ball in the service box a good amount of times. It’s been bugging me
    lately. Thank you and hope to see more videos! 

  • darinZtennis 4 years ago

    In the interest of helping others understand this stroke ……just RELAX
    The weight of the racquet head raises upward to the top of the loop by way
    of the shoulder.The forearm then relaxes with the help of gravity and
    momentum thus allowing the wrist to naturally drop. The eyes tracking the
    ball give direction for the shoulder to accelerate for timing and
    trajectory while the opposite arm is used for a counter weight to keep the
    racquet arm from swinging and pulling the body open and across. IMPORTANT!!
    BACK IS STRAIGHT AND STANCE IS BALANCED!! Wrist? Relaxed and only moving
    naturally by the momentum of the stroke!! No need for snap!!

  • honkeyness 4 years ago

    Clay, look at Dimitrov’s wrist action here – what is that? He’s going from
    extended to almost flexed at contact. What position should the wrist have
    at contact? It looks like he gives a little extension right at contact.

    Watch at :40

  • matt manion 4 years ago

    HI Clay,
    I think I’ve watched just about every single handed backhand video on the
    web, and I must say that yours is the best!. Great technical detail for
    those of us who are cursed with the need to constantly analyze our strokes :) 

  • peigong shi 4 years ago

    can i ask a question about the doorknob motion?
    do we do the doorknob motion when we hit the ball or before hit the
    ball(during the period of lower the raquet to the contact position).

  • Alan Zeitlin 4 years ago

    Hi Clay, I’m enjoying your videos. Do you have anything on the two-handed
    backhand? I grew up hitting a one-hander, but lately I’ve been trying to
    master the two-hander.

  • rdchenweb 4 years ago


    Your series on one-handed backhand is by far the best I’ve ever seen, and
    I’ve seen plenty. What your instructions superior to others is you teach
    muscle movements and explain reasons for them. Such knowledge helps me to
    diagnose my own strokes when they get out of the form.

    Great job.

  • Nguyen Hung 4 years ago

    What’s number of grip for the backhand one hand in this video??? By the
    way, what’s number of grip in video “How to Get Your Kick Serve to Drop
    Like a Boomerang!”??? (from 1-8). Thanks so much :)
    Great videos.

  • Top Speed Tennis 4 years ago