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Mastered the basic backhand? Want to put some added spin on your backhand to add control and make the shot more difficult for your opponent to return? Watch …

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  • Luke Ho 5 years ago

    At the end of his follow through, his wrist is bent a lot, and my coach
    told me that my racket head should be up and less turned, because I use to
    hit my backhand like that. I’m confused as to how much wrist I should use,
    because I figured that’s where the most spin comes from, but my coach
    doesn’t think I should use as much wrist. Can someone explain please?
    Thanks for the video!

  • Leo Masa 5 years ago

    @SsoulBlade You don’t have any life don’t you? No idea how to make a joke?
    your a retarded then ^_^

  • msmariasharapova 5 years ago

    what about a flat backhand?

  • Fitness4London 5 years ago

    @TheFatKid128 – so how’s your topspin backhand groundstrokes getting on?

  • Gipshaw 5 years ago

    @AurynBokma Hey, it looks like he got it over, which is more than I can say
    for a lot of my backhand shots.

  • SsoulBlade 5 years ago

    @Zeignn This is why the world is get more stupid. Needs a warning on just
    about everything with people not using their common sense. Oh, wait, you
    don’t have any…

  • numerid4 5 years ago

    @Alexpandork I disagree. A flat backhand is important for finishing off
    points or hitting outright winners. Look at Sharapova.

  • kristianchobanov 5 years ago

    Great videos, but got anything for top-spin with the forehand?

  • Fitness4London 5 years ago

    @TheFatKid128 – have you tried a one-handed backhand? Might be better for
    you. To flatten out a topspin a bit, make sure you follow thru forward and
    up, not just up. Check out my channel – tons of tennis videos on backhands!

  • Wodz30 5 years ago

    If you are doing this in practice and the balls are coming at you too high
    then take the shot on the second bounce or stand far behind the baseline.
    DO NOT wait for a ball to start falling before you hit it. When a ball
    bounces it reaches its apex peak height where it has the lowest point of
    pace, speed and rotation and allows you the highest percentage to actually
    make proper contact and hit the ball. As the ball drops back the weight,
    speed and spin change drastically and so do errors.

  • goodcommentguy 5 years ago

    @YyJoBb – height doesn’t matter. it’s all about skills. don’t use growth
    formula, just train and work hard.

  • wanderer911 5 years ago

    the guy has a pretty sweet single hander, if Rusedski had that he probably
    would of won a grand slam!

  • Fitness4London 5 years ago

    @iCommentVids – check out my channel – some great tennis video clips. Try
    following forward then up, not just up. Sounds like you’re not getting
    enough forward direction, and keeping raquet on strings in forward motion
    will help.

  • LusterDragon93 5 years ago

    Could the topspin backhand work with the two-handed continental grip?

  • J Wang 5 years ago

    @iCommentVids If it goes off to the side then it has to do with your
    footwork. Turn to the side more when you setup your backhand. If it goes
    mad high then…you could be using too “soft” a grip. I assume you are
    using eastern backhand grip so…maybe tilt it just a bit more to extreme
    eastern. You should adjust your grip to each and every ball though since no
    2 are the same. Overall you should just keep hitting and one day you will
    “find” your backhand. It’s strange..sort of just comes to you.

  • iCommentVids 5 years ago

    I have trouble keeping the ball in the court. It either goes way off to the
    side or just too high. Can anyone give me any tips on how I should hold the
    racquet or what I could do to improve?

  • Jay Knight 5 years ago

    they make it look so easy. im just starting to play and i already know the
    only way im gonna get better is by aot of practice. too bad cuts for the
    team are tomorrow:/

  • marcos paez 5 years ago


  • FairwayJack 5 years ago

    Guy needs to improve his left hand technique thru impact

  • TheFatKid128 5 years ago

    @Fitness4London yea my 1 hand still doesnt work for topspin, they wor
    sometimes well but mostly go out from trying to hit it with enough force or
    not hard enough, ground hits are a bit easier for my 1 handed tho because i
    can hit them flat, but i retaught myself the 2 handed back hand, theyre
    pretty good now, still gotta work on the 1 handed tho for when i have to
    run to the ball and cant get to the double hand position, but i mostly use
    slices for those right now

  • Be a Man 5 years ago

    @AurynBokma cuz the guy plays one-handed…my 2hbh looks just as bad cuz i
    don’t play 2 handed either:P

  • Dylan Magee 5 years ago

    @xsugarbombBOOMx It can be a pain in the ass hitting topspin shots off of
    low, deep and flat balls. Flat balls are good to counter spin.

  • xsugarbombBOOMx 5 years ago

    @UzamakiSora1249 so it would be important then to make sure they can’t get
    to the ball if you hit it flat?

  • Chris py 5 years ago

    I can’t hit a topspin when its a highball or too early(on the rise) :(
    anyone have suggestion on how to find a good spot for topspin backhands?
    should I move back more and waitfor the ball to start falling?

  • Luve Apostle 5 years ago

    rudimentary tech always works.