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  • Brent Abel's 4 years ago

    What is up?!? Just uploaded the latest ‘Question’ episode of “What’s The
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    Transitional 1/2 volley pick up.
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  • Ron Atkinson 4 years ago

    I would agree with Claire and lob over the net man’s head and try to take
    the net away as a team and gain control of the point.

  • Brian Burki 4 years ago

    Flat drive down the middle would probably be the best bet. But I also like
    a drive aimed at your feet. He’s loaded up and could crack a good one
    that’ll put you in an even more defensive position. Then he immediately
    closes to put away your reflex volley.

  • Micah Touchet 4 years ago

    Middle is money. A drive up the middle, slightly crosscourt. Another
    option, maybe a roller crosscourt and close in. Third option, topspin lob
    crosscourt. In that order. Anything else might be possible, but is really
    low percentage.

  • Claire Bunting 4 years ago

    There is a large gap in the middle but I think you are heading back that
    way and when you have two up at the net it is best to aim straight. I would
    lob over the deuce player into the back corner of the court.

  • mark brodeur 4 years ago

    If that stab volley of yours sits up and is a slow ball, I’d topspin lob
    your partner.
    I would not try to generate the pace and topspin up the middle. Chance of
    hitting a bit high or into the net are too great when manufacturing ones
    own pace. A nice roller over your partner. Winner!

  • Larry Kosowsky 4 years ago

    Lob over the deuce side net man. 

  • Joe Shelton 4 years ago

    I’d aim to return it low and equidistant between you and your partner