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Tennis Drill: This is a less powerful serve, but in theory it should give players more accuracy and spin than the flat serve. More free Tennis Drills:…




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  • J'zargo 4 years ago

    @robmccance Yea the kick serve is harder to learn but much better in the
    long run IMO. It gives you more height over the net which is the big thing
    that the slice serve lacks. A lot of slice serves are actually a
    combination of the two serves though; more of a twist serve giving a lot of
    height over the net+sidespin.

  • DK Ang 4 years ago

    @Matheus I would love to see your videos demonstrating high kicking topspin
    serves and sharply angled slice serves. May Dolgopolov and Federer, to name
    a few, could learn from your example. Oh, and include video of your returns
    on serves struck like the ones being shown here.

  • Matheus Valestra 4 years ago

    May I join? Don´t you guys think that the serves on this video are too
    long? I mean, they would be more effective if they were closer to net and
    “curving” away from the returner…even if they are slower…these ones on
    the video meets perfectly the opponent right forehand (90% of the

  • Rob McCance 4 years ago

    Slice serve is a great serve. More realistic for non pros and super easy on
    the arm.

  • albert dapogi 4 years ago

    Nice! thanks!