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Improve your drop shot finish and also take your tennis to the next level with these powerful SERVE LESSONS: This tennis drop shot lesso…




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  • ossamah durrani 4 years ago

    Whats the perfect ball height to execute the really effective drop shot ??

    Please explain. 

  • ttwarrior1 4 years ago

    i have no problem hitting one, i have a problem returning one. Im playing a
    guy that sets up his drop shot early and he can even make it bounce back
    over to his side , which i find amazing. Im 4.0 and he didnt even hit one
    shot over 40 mph in the match. Had to run up and hit on them all.

  • bhallic24 4 years ago

    not sure but haven’t seen a good explaination of how Rfed does his footwork
    to run around his backhand on the 2nd serve return to rip a forehand. Can
    you do a video on that? Much thanks.

  • Chipinjack 4 years ago

    all of a sudden I lost audio at 1:20

  • Gzusvictory 4 years ago

    Dipsy doo. Wish I could see the result of the landing ball also.

  • okaythen001 4 years ago

    before I always just do the drop shot without the side spin…so to do it
    with the side spin you get more control huh? that means the ball stay on
    the racquet for longer so you get the better drop shot I guess? less mess
    up on the drop shot? I need to try it thanks

  • Larry Jolliffe Sr 4 years ago

    Very simple and easy to understand.I will be incorporate the technique the
    next practice. Good job.