Share Button The split step is one of the very most important parts of tennis footwork around the court and yet it gets completely ignored …

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  • Derrick Swistak 5 years ago

    Great practice on Tuesday. Here’s a video illustrating the split step and
    just how important it is. Super important to avoid cement shoes. Next
    practice is Friday. We’ll meet in B113 right after school again. 

  • PK Ma 5 years ago

    I have yet found any coach teaches footwork for beginners. Why?

  • Ravi Ling 5 years ago

    I’m shocked. I can’t believe there is video analysis and an in depth
    explanation of such a simple concept.

    If I were to shoot a ball out of a canon at you and you were expected to
    catch it, how else would your footwork unfold? Would you be cross legged,
    feet together, one foot it front of the other?

    Obviously if you need to move in either direction you would have spread
    legs to use your glutes and quads to push off in the direction you want to
    go. On the balls of your feet as well.

    If you can’t figure this out yourself through natural movement, instinct,
    and common sense…you need to put down the racket and see a doctor.

  • Giani Palo 5 years ago

    Ian – great video series. This is so basic yet so often overlooked. I’m a
    senior player and this has allowed me to extremely effective on the courts.
    I hear a lot of older players complaining about not being able to get to
    the ball and they attribute it to age. While its true that you don’t get
    faster when you get older, you’re definitely not going to get to the ball
    when you keep your heals glued to the court growing roots. In fact, I
    would argue that it is even more important when you’re older because you
    need every fraction of a second you can get when you move slower. By the
    way, keeping your heals off the ground keeps your knees bent; lifting your
    heals without bending your knees results in a face plant. Thanks for the
    great videos! John

  • Essential Tennis - Lessons and Instruction for Passionate Players 5 years ago

    @tharrison1963 Thanks so much for the feedback, I appreciate it!

  • J Thorsson 5 years ago

    Can’t wait for the next video! I sometimes mess the split step up
    completely on the return of serve. It’s has got better, but it’s not
    optimal(yet) ;) Since I started using the split step I feel like I’m
    getting to a lot of the shots that used to be winners before. Thanks for
    putting these up! Really helps =)

  • alakabaz3 5 years ago

    Great vid, and look forward to the other videos. A few months ago I was
    looking for something explaining the split step and how its useful but
    couldn’t find it. I do split step but sometimes lose my focus and stop
    doing it so hopefully these vids will help me to get to the stage of just
    naturally doing it without thinking.

  • tharrison1963 5 years ago

    Hi Ian This is a great piece of work, looking forward to the other videos.
    I have been playing tennis for 2 years now and at the point where I know
    what I should be doing even though I’m not doing it! Your approach is
    always enthusiastic and very informative. I’ll be playing my next game with
    your advice on the split step ringing in my ears.

  • Soo Sup Cha 5 years ago

    My service returns have improved a lot since i started to split step before
    the serve

  • heejaejae 5 years ago

    Great explanation. Thank you!

  • Essential Tennis - Lessons and Instruction for Passionate Players 5 years ago

    @moonpatrol2 Thanks for watching. Video 2 and 3 will be out soon!

  • Andrew Cooper 5 years ago

    Ian, i jus wanted to tell you, that you spend an aweful lot of time talking
    about alot of stuff before you get to the point in what you are saying in
    alot of your videos on youtube. Pleze get to the point otherwise, if you
    dont you wont get alot of peple. Im jus givin u advice.

  • Sonnie420 5 years ago

    I have a questiuon… When you say stay on the ball of your heels, does
    that include while running and hitting? Does that mean that you dont plant
    your feet before you swing? I have struggled with this question for years.

  • ujetli 5 years ago

    I use it in the beginning of a hitting session then sort of forget about it
    toward the end…

  • moonpatrol2 5 years ago

    Good explanation of the split step

  • surfjabroni 5 years ago

    I started implementing it a few months ago and I feel more confident on my
    volleys because of it. I am able to move to the side more quickly when they
    try and jam my feet on the return.

  • Kenny K 5 years ago

    @SupremeTennis I can’t agree more, I too really appreciate and anticipate
    your videos, and I am saying the same thing because we want you to have
    more views and more videos. It is a little off topic most of the time and
    not straight to point enough, hope you won’t mind the feedback

  • Essential Tennis - Lessons and Instruction for Passionate Players 5 years ago

    @JThorss0N You’re welcome :)

  • Eli Nave 5 years ago

    Turns out I’ve been doing a perfect step since I started playing a couple
    weeks ago :)

  • Essential Tennis - Lessons and Instruction for Passionate Players 5 years ago

    @WooTennis Good question, I’ll be addressing that in video #2!

  • Swaminathan SP 5 years ago

    Best video I’ve watched… continuing on part 2 now… I’m rated 2 to 2.5
    and have barely done split steps. I’ll be incorporating this into my game
    from now on.

  • Essential Tennis - Lessons and Instruction for Passionate Players 5 years ago

    @MrChacha77 Great!

  • jesoby 5 years ago

    worth pointing out Murray is split stepping too.

  • hondas2kstyle 5 years ago

    thanks!! this is def useful as i am a rec player who lacks solid footwork.
    my question is the split step only applicable to volleys or for open stance
    players? and how would this work for hitting in a semi closed or closed
    stance (i.e shoulder facing opponent)? I normally try and hit closed as i
    was taught that open stance usually requires more timing something i have
    to improve on

  • Stanley Chia 5 years ago

    Thank you for the video, I benefited from listening to your podcasts too.
    Keep up the good work, can’t wait for the next video!