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  • Jeff Wu 5 years ago

    very clear and concise presentation, may i ask what software you used to
    produce this clip?

  • Claudster1131 5 years ago

    Interesting… it seems to me intuitively that if you’re late on a shot,
    depends more on if you’ve run around the backhand in determining whether
    the shot pulls to the left or to the right. So, say in doubles, where you
    can often run around the backhand, being late on the shot means that your
    shot actually drifts more to the right, as opposed to the left like you
    would if you were late on the backhand (in which case being late, but
    aiming for the cross court will actually push the ball wide).

  • Brent Abel's 5 years ago

    @shivancow I had a Flash file created for the court diagram, the ball, and
    the player images, and then I use Camtasia for the screen capture /
    voiceover. Brent