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Improve your forehand and also take your tennis to the next level with these powerful SERVE LESSONS: On the tennis forehand grip, player…
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  • bencreezay 5 years ago

    Lol extreme semi-western! Genius haha it’s just western!

  • richardflo2flo 5 years ago

    You have described this wrong, it is an extension of the wrist, a hyper
    extension. So all he is actually doing is lay the wrist back. Its wrist lay
    back. If you use langauge like turn it makes you think of rotation of the
    wrist. Which you can not actually do cause that joint does not facilitate
    that movement. I know you might think turn is a laymens term, but its
    really easy to misunderstand.

  • Alexander Boldin 5 years ago

    A student cannot feel what you are verbally explaining; by watching any
    video a student cannot get the physical feeling of the motions.
    My TST_watch Tennis Swing Trainer YouTube_enable users to get visual and
    physical feeling of the exact mechanics of the right move by seeing and
    feeling the positions of the racquet, user’s arms_wrists_parts of the body
    at each moment of the swing.
    The laws of biomechanics/kinematics define the optimal swing;
    a player only demonstrates his own approach to the better use thereof.

  • Shahram Pezeshkitoosi 5 years ago

    thanks, very useful for me

  • colin0622 5 years ago

    Now I’m trying to play western forehand, but I found that every shot i made
    are all to short and weak, I hope to make it deeper like Nole. What shall i
    do ?!

  • marjan33z 5 years ago

    this is more of a amateur level stroke, not djokovic’s. the pro’s strokes
    are much more violent, throwing the racket with a loose wrist, not loopy

  • dcr5401 5 years ago

    How do I find the simi western grip? Could you explain using the index
    knuckle & heel pad; are both on bevel 4 or 3.5? What is strong Eastern?

  • ravi48819 5 years ago

    I am using the Eastern grip on the forehand and have heard that the strings
    must face the ground on the takeback (to get better topspin). But in this
    video, the strings are not facing down on the takeback.

  • Jim Pedraza 5 years ago


  • Charnae Chie 5 years ago

    My right ear enjoyed this.. -_-

  • Osias Jr 5 years ago

    hahahha. Do u know who he is????

  • haedulus 5 years ago

    his shots got 2nd most rpm on tour ;)

  • 223girlbaby 5 years ago

    Im smart but Im poor

  • Jimmy Wang 5 years ago

    Thank you so much for your assistance..

  • Charnae Chie 5 years ago

    @tshirttime84 Haha you’re right! i’m always doing that.. (:

  • Peoria Os 5 years ago

    Fed contorts his arm and his wrist to get a more semi-western like shots.
    If you notice, his arm is normally straight which is highly unusual for
    contemporary players. Fed is great and is my favorite player, but Djokovic
    has the best strokes in the game.

  • Amir B 5 years ago

    @Krutchtacular no.. second is Fernando Verdasco, then its Roger Federer

  • Thormander113 5 years ago

    Thank you so much. I have a traditional Eastern grip like Chris Evert’s and
    Jimmy Connors and it is impossible to hit shots like Nadal and Djokovic.
    Not only it is more prone to errors, it gives me much less room to keep the
    balls in play due to the mechanics. It would be a difficult adjustments to
    that but many of us would have to evolved into today’s game or we would eat
    dust on the courts.

  • msn m 5 years ago

    thanks for the vid,helped improve my forehand 100% ,went from loosing 6-2
    yesterday, to winning 6-0 today!

  • klmaxx5 5 years ago

    I still have not learned what grip is which. What bevel does my index
    knuckle and palm pad rests on etc….Telling me how to swing back with a
    simi western and I don;t have a clue what simi western in is counter
    productive for me.

  • Casey Hart 5 years ago

    I’ll try it.

  • FourGamingWogs 5 years ago

    Extreme Semi-Western? They call that western – extreme western..

  • cotemax1 5 years ago

    Would love to hear Jeff talk about the flexibility in the hand and wrist
    and how that effects everyone’s grips. Because as most of you know we all
    have different ranges of motion. Federer can use an eastern forehand grip
    and still get extreme spin and power while Nadal and Djoko use more semi
    western to full western grips. My belief is that because everyone has that
    different flexibility one grip does not fit all.

  • geassed 5 years ago

    It would serve some of you well to look up who this guy is first before you

  • Reese Williams 5 years ago

    Actually the comment you have about the strings facing, depending on the
    grip, is a new one I haven’t seen , and it is a good tip.There are so many
    components to individual comfort, you have to pick out a few things and
    apply them. thanks