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New course from Brent coming out the week of April 11, 2011. “How To Develop A Nasty Game Changing Forehand Slice Groundstroke” If you’re limiting yourself t…
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  • dodododa 4 years ago

    @webtennis Yes, I run a league for juniors, with some adults mixed in. Last
    Friday I was sure a elite 12 year old was going to beat a 50+ year old
    pusher, but the old guy beat him 6-0. Fantastic experience for the junior
    though, shows him the value of keeping the ball low.

  • FrostyTheBeerMan 4 years ago

    Great shot to use Brent, and you execute it so well, you make everything
    look too easy. The internet tennis community on a whole is really lucky to
    have such a high caliber teacher as you out there for us.

  • dodododa 4 years ago

    What a nasty shot. You must really aggravate a lot of juniors. :-)

  • GoldenEagleTennis 4 years ago

    Brent, I love this stroke. Slowly uploading some vids of my own on my page
    to see what I need to work on.

  • Brent Abel's 4 years ago

    @dodododa Juniors with extreme grips don’t handle this shot too well…

  • OlympicGamesTV 4 years ago

    Excellent tennis forehand slice groundstroke tutorial video, pure Gold!

  • surfjabroni 4 years ago

    Your accuracy and technique is so well crafted.

  • Brent Abel's 4 years ago

    @OlympicGamesTV Thanks Olympic. Appreciate your kind words! Brent

  • Brent Abel's 4 years ago

    @surfjabroni Thanks. Appreciate it. It takes time, practice, and
    perseverance through those practice sessions when it’s not working so well.

  • Brent Abel's 4 years ago

    @dewijones92 You’re welcome ;-)) Brent

  • Brent Abel's 4 years ago

    @FrostyTheBeerMan Thanks FTBM – appreciate your continued support. Brent

  • Brent Abel's 4 years ago