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Racquet acceleration on groundstrokes has quickly become an essential ingredient in any competitive players toolbox. The mysterious heavy ball is hit with a …
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  • jimmyzaas 4 years ago

    Holy crap this reminds me of those Bartoli training videos. Very nice!

  • Oncourt Offcourt 4 years ago

    @botakchee Congratulations! Am happy for you. The point of the clip is to
    share tips on how to increase swing speed and NOT to show that this one
    girl is either good, bad, or in the middle. Hope the tips help your game in
    the future or someone you know.

  • Oncourt Offcourt 4 years ago

    You’re absolutely right if the pause is at the bottom of the loop. However,
    setting up with the racquet pausing at the top of the loop is pretty
    normal. Take a look at several top players and you’ll see the same pattern.
    The key is to be as loose and quick as possible from the top of the loop
    through the rest of the swing.

  • DannyNadal 4 years ago

    I play for 1 year but play better and higher spin than her.

  • Oncourt Offcourt 4 years ago

    Funny thing is that we had to add the exhale sound after as this young
    player never would exhale at all. It is a little on the loud side, lol. If
    anyone watched (and heard!) the Sharapova and Azarenka final in Key
    Biscayne in 2011, you’d think they were paid in a conversion from decibels
    to cash!

  • Falcon4cc 4 years ago

    What about keeping the loop going on the backswing and removing that pause?

  • Oncourt Offcourt 4 years ago

    Good question. Groaning or grunting is not necessary. Exhaling, however, IS
    definitely a good idea when striking each ball. Players like Sharapova,
    Azarenda, and thousands of others were typically taught to grunt as they
    exhaled to help the exhaling become a consistent pattern. You may be happy
    to know that the young lady in the video is now 19 years old, doing well in
    college, and no longer grunts so loudly at all. : )

  • BrandonChangable 4 years ago

    where can i get the devices? what are they called?

  • Oncourt Offcourt 4 years ago

    Hi Brandon, we sell all of the training aids on our Oncourt Offcourt
    website. The link is in the video description above. Thanks!