Share Button shows the proper way to use your wrist–by request.
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  • Sasuke338901 4 years ago

    ur racket reminds me of my really old wilson hammer 2.7si

  • Hawaii Tennis Pro 4 years ago

    that’s what I used to play with until they discontinued it… hate that
    about wilson…always changing the frames.

  • Hawaii Tennis Pro 4 years ago

    ironically, no. the frame is so stiff the ball pretty much leaves on
    impact. it’s really hard for me to get mad spin.

  • Hawaii Tennis Pro 4 years ago

    that’s my racquet dude. 4 1/2 grip size

  • Hawaii Tennis Pro 4 years ago

    oh yeah…dude my frame is so stiff if I just hold it still and you hit a
    ball at it, it’ll go back… AHHAHAAHHAH

  • FairwayJack 4 years ago

    I got the same 113 sq. in. Wilson racquet but with the triad-style gasket
    between the head and handle (ncode n3). Supposed to reduce shock and thus
    elbow pain. Strung at 55 with a 5 5/8 grip size. I like it