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Improve your forehand and also take your tennis to the next level with these powerful SERVE LESSONS: In this tennis lesson, you’ll see h…

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  • Jim dov 5 years ago

    Great video Jeff. What about BackHand defensive shots when your oppenet
    pushing you far wide of the court or you running like a mad man to defense?
    is the cross court sort shot the right one ? how can we add some extra spin
    like the FH high end you suggest ? thank you again great work 

  • SSPeriway 5 years ago

    Dear jeff, when i try this (even in a normal forehand like you explained in
    another video) i have the feel that my wrist is flicking; even at slowmo i
    do that flick, because i try to create space between my arms catching the
    racket at shoulder level (like you explained). What should i do? should i
    train more and fix the movement using the shoulder? thanks for you
    videos,they’re really helpful, keep it up!

  • Jogromm 5 years ago

    which grip should I use for the forehand? Eastern or Semi-western?

  • WeAreFootballHD 5 years ago

    Not gonna lie, max will become pro I think… He’s actually so good

  • Tankut Oner 5 years ago

    Max is everywhere…

  • hErOmInEr Vikry 5 years ago

    I’m a Biggener and 13

  • underdogjo 5 years ago

    I think so. Sometimes buggy whip swing is not a good choice to hit
    especially for recreational players.

  • Sameer Talcherkar 5 years ago

    Just to clarify, do we allow the racquet to follow thru or do we freeze it
    when catching it at the throat? I know in another video Jeff also talked
    about catching the racquet at the throat but that was to teach proper
    distance and extension in the stroke. Not sure on this one. I will say that
    when I use the buggy whip when being pulled wide I often don’t hit enough
    of the ball and overspin it, resulting in a very short ball and if my
    opponent follows his shot in, it makes for an easy volley..

  • jeff t. 5 years ago

    hey ive been following you for a while and was wondering if you could make
    a vid about what the forehand looks like with the arm only and not the

  • big bang 5 years ago

    Jeff tennis being an emergency game does not ask for a special trick to
    keep the left hand at the end of the movement ON THE RACKET. The most
    important in this advice is to go up with the lift, abd for this I thank
    you very much I do it, but I can do still more UPWARDS! Very good advise