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http://www.hi10spro.blogspotlcom shows the forehand and wrist action.

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  • gewooneerlijk 4 years ago

    with the my second serve kickserve i got much problems with it i hit up on
    the ball but my opponent can easily kill my second serve i start with
    bending the elbow to my neck position and hit up on the ball how i have to
    finish it when i hit up on the ball.?

  • pr4nk5tr 4 years ago

    Your forehand looks much better like this, except you should keep the head
    still. Pronation will give you more power, consistency and better angles.
    If you think it’s too difficult use a head light racket with low
    swingweight (e.g. Pure Storm LTD), it’s gonna help your volleys too.

  • gewooneerlijk 4 years ago

    @hi10spro the first part i do understand the up bending elbow to the
    hittingzone this is 90 degree the second part i do not understand it.your
    swing path slants up at about a 45 degree angle, what do you mean with it.

  • FairwayJack 4 years ago

    Pretty good…another link in the kinetic chain.

  • daemonturk 4 years ago

    Nice tips. I never knew about forehand pronation to this detail.

  • gewooneerlijk 4 years ago

    this is a topspin forehand, my question is if you hit up on the ball and
    stops the motion can you stil got spin on the ball.?

  • Hawaii Tennis Pro 4 years ago

    good point dude

  • Hawaii Tennis Pro 4 years ago

    flat so you maximize power then turn it for spin

  • Taher Ahmed 4 years ago

    nice forehand, but i think if the wrist was looser you could generate more
    power, also, you need to concentrate on watching the ball through the hit
    for consistency.

  • durich1000 4 years ago

    Great explanation of an ingredient in a forhand that is so important but
    rarely talked about or explained!! only thing would that your head
    shouldn’t move through the swing and should be pointing at the point of
    contact. Thanks for sharing

  • Hawaii Tennis Pro 4 years ago

    @gewooneerlijk no dude, you got to finish..if you don’t finish the swing,
    the ball will launch. the follow through is massively important even though
    the ball isn’t on the string anymore

  • gewooneerlijk 4 years ago

    @hi10spro dude my topspin forehand how to go through the ball when i hit
    the ball up with vertical contact point

  • Hawaii Tennis Pro 4 years ago

    @gewooneerlijk you make impact your racquet at a 90 degree vertical point
    and then, your swing path slants up at about a 45 degree angle

  • gauravpratapshahi 4 years ago

    sir while contact the face of the racket is flat or slightly tilted ? plz
    reply fast