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Tennis Lesson: Forehand Step 3 - Swing to Contact The third step of the forehand is the forward swing to contact. When learning how to hit…
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  • M. Winston 5 years ago

    私はやばいよポン引き Translate this using an online translator, its in japanese

  • aaresota 5 years ago

    thanks for uploading the video

  • Teachmetennis 5 years ago

    I like FYB – I think you are doing a great job- more power to you – keep it
    going and forget those AS%$%## that keep talking trash about things they do
    not understand.

  • glamgal7777 5 years ago

    great video,will!!keep up the good work…plz also post videos on tennis

  • Fitness4London 5 years ago

    What helped me most with the forehand topspin was when I learned to use my
    left arm (non-racket arm) more proactively. As a beginner, the left arm
    just flopped around like a lump of dead meat! Now I use it to assist the
    set-up, and to assist the rotation into the shot and then get the left arm
    out of the way on impact.

  • qimha 5 years ago

    Will, I’m always afraid of hitting a full-swing forehand bcos if I do then
    the ball will always fly out. Ppl kept saying about controlling the power.
    How do I do that? Or is it something completely different? Most of the time
    I’ill just do a half swing then pretend to follow through the racket all
    the way back after contact was made long ago.

  • pleasepie1928 5 years ago

    @chrisbear08 could be the position of the racket as it hits the ball or
    your putting to much force into it. also make sure your hitting the ball in
    the center of the racket. can’t give more advice unless I actually see your

  • sljebthj 5 years ago

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  • Vincent Tran 5 years ago

    Yea the pure storm is a great advanced player’s racquet. May i ask what
    strings you use? The pure storm is a fairly heavy racquet, i think its
    almost 11oz so not many racquets are heavier.

  • KW Tennis Nation 5 years ago

    Do you recommend palm down during take back until you start your forward
    motion? I’ve noticed that I lay my wrist back at end of my back swing and
    my racquet strings sometimes face the back fence. Most pros that I watch
    keep their palm down with little wrist extension until they start their
    forward motion then the forearm suppinates slightly and wrist extends
    during the forward motion.

  • oskyalemao09 5 years ago

    How do you drop the racquet as you swing forward? Is it by tilting your
    shoulders, (if you are right handed) by pulling up the left shoulder first?
    Im an advanced player (5.5) still seem to have porblems dropping the
    racquet below the ball on my forehand at times. thank you and great videos.
    The explanation with videos of pro players executing makes the learning
    process so much better!

  • STRESSYN1 5 years ago

    What k-six one version is that racquet? K 95? I got TE from bad swing
    technique with this racquet. Another great video from FYB. Thank you very
    much. Keep it up!

  • FYB2007 5 years ago

    Highly dependent on the situation. For low balls you’ll bend down more. On
    high balls your legs will be pretty straight. Generally speaking, you don’t
    want to rely on your legs to supply the low-to-high motion of the racket.
    Swing path does that.

  • DBVOLCANO 5 years ago

    tennis rocks!!!!!! im like a tennis jedi=0

  • Saif Qutuz 5 years ago

    these stuff comes with playing its useless explain them

  • Quejarse 5 years ago

    You’re left handed … no one’s going to listen to you!

  • iLLSzMAtiC 5 years ago

    that happens because as you make contact with the ball you are not aiming 4
    feet over the nett…in modern tennis we spin the ball now , not hit it

  • engros 5 years ago

    as always, like this show is has greatly enhanced the way i play and
    perform during a game.

  • Troy P 5 years ago

    Tennis is easy to learn but the hardest to master

  • Nesar Ahmed 5 years ago

    With a semi-western grip, do you still hit the forehand with your elbow

  • mountainsky1 5 years ago

    Interesting analysis. Yes all this happens but the essential point is to
    teach players to do this naturally without thinking too hard about their
    style. I recently bought the Tennis In Minutes DVD set. It makes you do all
    this in a more natural method without complication.

  • Hirottoq 5 years ago

    90 i think i may be mistaken

  • shotyboy 5 years ago

    does anyone have any tips for my forehand on my videos?

  • dusan91203 5 years ago

    This coach is one of the best coaches in the world.

  • Luc Harvey 5 years ago

    Coup droit