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Tennis Lesson: Serve Step 5 - Racket Drop The fifth step of the serve is to get to the racket drop — a key body position. Every s…




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  • beavertown2006 5 years ago

    I’ve been a tennis dummy for ages, I couldn’t even serve the ball over the
    net for how many times I tried it. After following this instructions, I am
    able to serve not only over the net but to add some power too. I’m very
    stunned by this instructions. Thanks Will!!!

  • Jacob Govatos 5 years ago

    hey man,great tips!PS. you look like a mini peyton or eli manning ^_^

  • FYB2007 5 years ago

    hey dlight not problem. you can post them wherever — either works for me!

  • dionjas 5 years ago

    thanks! got it!

  • Danko Jovasevic 5 years ago

    Thanks a lot bro!!!

  • chrisrdow 5 years ago

    nice,i liked your lessons,I noticed with the men with the best and most
    fluid servers now,(mardi fish, safin or federer)hardly rock on their heels
    at all during the toss,they keep thier center of gravity is fairly static
    through the toss and back swing, at the end of the toss and backswing they
    have their knees bent and are leaning back relaxed.the guys who do rock on
    their heels a bit before the toss tend to have balance problems. I find it
    easier to be consistend too.


    OMG that happens to me sometimes its so annoying :@

  • damastadj94 5 years ago

    i am still having trouble with my serve.

  • selene21682 5 years ago

    Great tips! thanks soooo much!

  • kittybookitty 5 years ago

    this is the hardest thing for me. everytime i try to do the racket drop,
    and i actually think about it, i end up completely messing up the rhythm of
    my serve in general. How can i practice this?

  • FYB2007 5 years ago

    no problem!

  • kyuubinaruto2345 5 years ago

    thank you so much!! these videos improved my serve a whole lot better i
    actually got onto my varsity team at school :) ur Vids are awsome and easy
    to follow keep up the good work

  • gewooneerlijk 5 years ago

    hello,FYB2007 how do you get combination with slice and kick together.?

  • Phil Hevron 5 years ago

    @caloyjp The scratch back position is a misconception. In fact, it is an
    external then internal rotation of the shoulder NOT a flexion of the elbow
    as in the back scratch. Leg drive creates most of the racket pointing down.
    My tip – focus on what you can see and don’t worry too much about what is
    happening behind your back.

  • dlightman1978 5 years ago

    Of course I have been practicing more and more every day I hit about
    250-300 serves and I’m lowering but still. If I just serve from scratch
    back without trophy.. the amount of kick I’m getting on the ball is plain
    sick… it’s simply amazing. However if I start serving from trophy pose, I
    guess I lose the scratch back momentum and the ball just goes sort of flat.
    Long story short, apart from keep practicing which I am… do you have
    other recommendation?

  • FYB2007 5 years ago

    The racket is pointed straight down at the court. One way to practice
    getting to this position is to go to a field and throw your racket straight
    up in the air. That will make it pretty likely you’re getting to the
    correct racket drop.

  • Dani Romantika 5 years ago

    Hello! Thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I notice lots of people
    keep on talking about Tennisolanox System (do a search on google), but I’m
    not sure if it is really good. Have you ever tried this tennis training
    known as Tennisolanox System? I’ve heard some incredible things about it.

  • Dubolian 5 years ago

    Amazingly detailed tips, many thanks

  • dlightman1978 5 years ago

    and thanks a lot . I’m defintly seeing A LOT of improvement on my serve.
    btw do you prefer if I post my questions as comments here or do you prefer
    PMs ?? thanks a lot for your help

  • adri vreeke 5 years ago

    this serve instructions are veryvery good any youngster can have great
    opportunity off it

  • dlightman1978 5 years ago

    Will another question, I mean I have been asking a lot in some of your
    other videos. I’m having a lot of trouble with the following: I’m at my
    trophy pose and it’s very hard for me (I don’t know why) to drop my racket
    from the trophy pose to the scratch my back pose. I video myself and I
    barely drop my racket to my head. continues…….

  • abrayah13 5 years ago

    i like tennis!

  • GEORGE ZEIN 5 years ago

    Really Great Tips that helped me improve my serve a lot. I now feel much
    comfortably serving

  • Deepskybin 5 years ago

    i think that you don´t have to think about it, it just happen when you jump
    i think, as you can see between 1:20 and 1:35

  • blondie7453 5 years ago