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Uros explains how to rip the ball using the ‘Modern Forehand’
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  • chris clark 5 years ago

    i believe you’re correct about the hitting zone. I would think it would
    result in a heavier and more powerful ball as well as a better chance of
    making good contact. One thing i’m confused about is that i’ve seen some
    pros, federer for example, make contact but come off the ball rather
    quickly. Surely his shot is still powerful and heavy, how do you explain
    this? Granted, the vast majority of the time i see all pros hitting through
    the zone ..

  • machivellisucs 5 years ago

    i’m looking at two still still shots right now, Federer has a straight arm,
    and Djokovic has a bent elbow.

  • C Tomlin 5 years ago

    No need to call someone an idiot, especially when you don’t know the info
    yourself. I am a coach and this hitting zone is one of the myths of tennis.
    If you use a long hitting zone like this, you will tend to push the ball.
    Better to use it as an alignment zone and work across the contact. The side
    aspect to Nadal’s spin comes directly from this working across as you hit
    thru the ball.

  • machivellisucs 5 years ago

    Think it depends on your grip. The more eastern the more in front you have
    to hit the ball(extending the arm, straighter elbow) or you will not get
    enough depth or power.

  • Steve Moore 5 years ago

    your an idiot, this guy knows exactly what he’s talking about…if your a
    coach you would know that what he’s talking about is a basic

  • MrJazz1910 5 years ago

    Great tip

  • Hollyburn Tennis 5 years ago

    Thanks for your post chtomlin. This video talks about the hitting zone
    lenght. Through this hitting zone, pros can add side top spin if the
    situation allows. Contact with the ball occurs as the racquet is already
    moving through this hitting zone. Take care, Uros

  • ibn bailey 5 years ago

    @chtomlin seeing side spin on nadals forehand has nothing to do with this
    vid…or the objective of the vd… your comment is inaccurate..and also
    nadal mainly uses a reverse forehand so…using him as an example would
    also be inaccurate so…if u already kno how to do these things you should
    not be on these vids correct?…otherwise if u dont kno how to do it be
    quiet and whatch the vid…u cant correct someone when u dont kno what ure
    talking about or no anything thats rude and ignorance

  • Ray Perez 5 years ago

    Great video! thank you

  • C Tomlin 5 years ago

    This is quite inaccurate. The pros don’t make contact till the racket head
    has started to pull across, which is why you can see some sidespin on
    Nadal’s forehand. What this guy is describing is the alignment part of the

  • abiriax 5 years ago

    this is a pretty good tip, although i would say the long hitting zone has
    more to do with power and less to do with making the shot easier to time,
    but this guy seems to know what he’s talking about.

  • BrewokGanas 5 years ago

    better put federer or berdych for example of good forehand, not roddick.