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Learn the basic rules of the game of tennis in this free online video tennis lesson. Expert: Scott Browder Bio: Scott Browder has been playing racket sports …

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  • Jav3001 5 years ago

    Needs a little work on this video before doing it…practice first, you
    will do much better next time.

  • ramonreynosolizardo 5 years ago

    jajajajajajajja ” that was only two minutes…there is not a ton a rule for

  • mcssnt666 5 years ago

    good job… excellent

  • Alexandre Caruso 5 years ago

    think he did a good job, but doesn’t knew what to say. must write a speech
    before. anyway, thanks for your help. :)

  • bluestreak620 5 years ago

    I learned sooo much about tennis from this video!

  • Mallory Howard 5 years ago

    blah blah blah. Well he did ok i guess but as a beginner he’s the LAST
    person i want to watch teach me how to play tennis. yep

  • mariahsingsforHim 5 years ago

    Oh my gosh!!!! If you say basically one more time……..

  • le petit 5 years ago

    thank you. useful post for beginner.

  • Shaine MacDonald 5 years ago

    This guy’s an idiot!

  • quiknik11 5 years ago

    He may be a good player, but he definatly cant speak that stubbering

  • RajKomey 5 years ago

    Thanks a lot for attempt but to be quite honest, it is not clear, I could
    not understand anything, we need a clear explanation so we can follow and
    be a fans of this nice sport …

  • hostclubbabe1 5 years ago

    the information was a bit confusing but i get the idea. thanks a lot!^_^

  • rafakasb 5 years ago

    very poor vids from this channel

  • Felipe Barbosa 5 years ago


  • Jonathan King 5 years ago

    that was the worst video ever..

  • Lexus Easterby 5 years ago


  • ctfujiiapple 5 years ago

    if the ball touches the player, the player who hit the ball is awarded the
    point. the ball cannot touch a part of a player’s body

  • Shane Curran 5 years ago

    whats this fela on about??

  • BadBoysX3 5 years ago

    hahahhaha! 1:48

  • nathan155555 5 years ago

    this guy kinda knows what he is talking about unlike the lady that teaches

  • Rappy McRapperson 5 years ago

    Really??? Are you hi?

  • streak144 5 years ago

    what if the tennis ball hits you in the air without touching your racket
    and it is going out whos point is it

  • PhaseBeta 5 years ago

    Hahahaa, “2 minutes? Was that 2 minutes?” I have a feeling this guy doesn’t
    want to be here.

  • Tanmay Dixit 5 years ago

    Great..! Awesome Use Of The Racquet..! :P

  • felipehell 5 years ago

    yoo, this guy is great, no matter what some stiff geek like crazypaean999
    thinks about him. i like him. and if he’s a pot head, let him be. i’d like
    him even more then. ;)