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  • FYB2007 5 years ago

    wilson nblade 98

  • davidvipers1 5 years ago

    thanks great info…..ill be back to let you know if i can hot a ball now!

  • ShadowPanda27 5 years ago

    Thank you, clear and well described. Perfect.

  • Peter White 5 years ago

    mmmm gotta love tangerine outfits

  • shika maru 5 years ago

    LOVE the tutorials!!! but for me learning, for some reason i am able to do
    better from the “Open stance”. The “Neutral stance” seems harder becuase im
    not hitting the ball in front of me (i cant extend my arm fully). I tend to
    hit the ball by bending my elbow, thus hitting the ball short. sorry if
    thats hard to explain, but please, do you have any tips to fix this?

  • Jack Kennedy 5 years ago

    These are some of the best tennis instructional videos around.

  • Himanshu Bhardwaj 5 years ago

    what if we rotate first and let the back foot heel come up naturally due to
    the rotation of hips

  • FYB2007 5 years ago

    practice makes perfect!

  • davvidd19 5 years ago

    ițve just started to play tennis as a hobby and this videos are very
    helpfull. Thanks!

  • tennisCharlzz 5 years ago

    Will is getting all Southern on us with his “y’all” :)

  • beavertown2006 5 years ago

    The tutor is so cute. I want a boyfriend like him.

  • dragontav 5 years ago

    Great tutorials, but your effort in pronouncing ‘Gael Monfils’ correctly
    simply becomes a humiliating joke with how you butcher ‘Marat Safin’.

  • Walace Dornas 5 years ago

    Was I the only one who reminds LA Noire listening to him?