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Tennis Lessons - Wrist at Contact on Your Forehand It’s a common misconception that you should “snap” your wrist through contact on your fo…
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  • ShuXiong Bao 5 years ago

    So … modern forehand wrist movement is like:
    - relax & layback from backswing till moment of contact
    - about moment of contact, lock wrist
    - after contact, relax wrist & arm


  • Simone Bastioli 5 years ago

    I think that the information contained in this video is pretty good but it
    only applies to semi-western and western forehand grips. As correctly
    showed in this video, the wrist “snap” (which is a pronation of the
    forearm) is not required at all in the semi-western forehand, as the
    natural bending of the arm itself produces the windshield wiper motion. On
    the other hand, an eastern forehand (in its modern version) does require
    the forearm pronation in order to produce the windshield wiper motion and a
    significant amount of topspin. Federer’s forehand is the perfect example of
    a modern eastern forehand with tons of forearm pronation. 

  • y2jandy 5 years ago

    as you always mention federer and nadal can u put in their footage instead
    of Frank’s? just a suggestion ;p

  • 23remoh 5 years ago

    do i need to ranging my wrist to hit my forehand.. im an eastern grip…
    please help

  • Jesus Fabregas 5 years ago

    Good explanation man, that is exactly what I think

  • Be a Man 5 years ago

    the reason people try to use their wrist is because they hit forehands all
    wrong…they don’t use their body and they don’t brush up on the ball with
    their arm and they don’t follow through to end up with the racket above
    their head

  • FYB2007 5 years ago

    Hi eco. Thanks for the compliment. Sorry to hear that your forehand is bad
    in matches. The good news is that I’m almost positive I know what the
    problem is (even though I’ve never seen you hit) — it’s your footwork. A
    VERY typical scenario is to hit great on the ball machine (because you
    don’t have to move and the ball is coming at a consistent pace) and then
    come apart when you play. If you improve your footwork your forehand will
    become much more consistent. Hope that helps!

  • odingr 5 years ago

    but why federer’s wrist is always loose when hitting forehand?

  • riquered 5 years ago

    i forgot to put the link of the clip ooops!! search for Roger Federer Warm
    Up Practice 1 of 4 minute 2:11 by DriftKido

  • Nelson Castillo 5 years ago

    I always hear that kind of stuff: double bend, block your wrist. When I
    started to use my wrist with something like “snap” (lose and active) I was
    able to hit the ball front of my body gained CONTROL and POWER. It is very
    simple: your arm should imitate the same mechanism when you throw a tennis
    or baseball ball (as a whip)… your wrist should be totally relax when you
    do your backswing and swing, so you can use it in order to get the final
    aceleration, at the same time the arm pronation.

  • Killik Chocobo 5 years ago

    This is a very good video. All beginning tennis players should watch. It
    can cause injury If you flick your wrist before you hit the ball,
    especially for those using rackets above 300 grams.

  • FYB2007 5 years ago

    Having a whippy-looking forehand doesn’t necessarily mean you are using
    your wrist incorrectly. As you say, Nadal and Federer’s forehands look
    whippy and obviously their technique is flawless.

  • FYB2007 5 years ago

    It’s important to distinguish between what feels weird and what actually
    hurts. Most shots, when you are first learning them, will feel weird. They
    don’t seem natural. The wrist flexes during the groundstrokes but you
    shouldn’t actively be trying to move it. The wrist is part of a larger
    hitting structure that stays intact through contact.

  • Prosologion 5 years ago

    This video is completely wrong. All the pros use their wrist on the
    forehand, ESPECIALLY Nadal and Federer. How do you think Nadal does his
    forehand? The only misconception there is is that when they say to use your
    wrist, people think you use your wrist completely independent of the rest
    of your arm/body, and that is not the case. The wrist just works like a
    whip to impart more spin and create more racket head speed. It’s not a
    “snap”. You move the racket in a windshield wiper motion.

  • ecoloqua 5 years ago

    I think you are exactly right! With the ball machine (even on oscillate) I
    know where the ball is going and getting into the proper position is easy.
    I thought about turning my back to the ball machine and turning around as
    soon as I hear the ball exit but I need to make sure there is no one around
    because I know how retarded that must Any suggestions on how to
    improve my footwork with or without the ball machine? Is the BM actually
    doing more harm than good?

  • egarcia3434 5 years ago

    Please review the “wrist racquet”, compare and comment…

  • riquered 5 years ago

    i found this clip, minute 2:11 fed tries and inside out fh, it hits the net
    and the he practices the actual pronation of his arm, watching this video
    clarifies that fed consciously supinates and then pronates when he hits his

  • hyperb0wl 5 years ago

    however, if you look at forehands like federer, nadal, old roddick, old
    ferrero, joaquin johannson just to name a few, you will see that their
    pronation “IS” a part of the forward swing. the secret though, is NOT in
    the pronation itself, but in the momentum of the arm. the key is to
    continuously swing with ‘arm speed’ to the left side of your back. if you
    look at roddicks forehand now, you will see that there is an abrupt
    stoppage in arm momentum when he SEVERELY(SUPER SAIYAN KARATE CHOP)

  • flatballrule 5 years ago

    This very interesting video. I do agree with this video. However, Pros do
    use lots of wrist for their forehand. Go to Djorkovic free lesson. He
    mentions it. The biggest problem for using wrist is following 1) you need
    strength to do it. 2) You don’t know when to use it. This would be disaster
    of stroke when they start twist really early. So many players do not really
    notice how important the stroke before you make the contact. You need good
    length before you let go the wrist..

  • hyperb0wl 5 years ago

    it is deceiving because pronating in the follow through or the ‘slow down’
    of the swing makes it seem like you are applying pronation into the swing
    or that you are wrapping your arm around to your back like federer and
    nadal. but this is again incorrect. just look at roddick’s karate kid,
    sonic boom, tear a hole in time itself pronation forehand. and take a good
    look at forehands in slow-mo. even the second guy in this vid hits the
    ball, then pronates immediately afterwards.

  • phil111s 5 years ago

    I think this video is misleading. Of course at contact the relationship
    between the wrist and the forearm doesn’t change, contact is a split
    second. However, if you look at Federer’s forehand there’s a lot of wrist
    movement. As he sets up the shot, his wrist cocks back and the butt of the
    racket leads. As the racket approaches the ball his wrist cock unwinds and
    continues to unwind to straight with the forearm after impact.

  • officialmenzies 5 years ago

    What grip is Oliver using for his forehand?

  • y11971alex 5 years ago

    It depends on what kind of racquet a player uses. If one uses a 15 oz
    racquet, he does not need to use the wrist, because the weight of the
    racquet will provide sufficient power.

  • Paul Coughlin 5 years ago

    Finally! I have been struggling with developing a more efficient forehand
    so that it doesn’t break down in matches and this was the final step. I had
    been trying to whip through the ball with my wrist and it was never going
    consistently. Now if I consciously think to leave my wrist laid back
    through the shot, it works perfectly. Thanks so much Will.

  • TomTrix99 5 years ago

    Hi, I spoke to two friends of my brother who are among the top ranked
    players in my country (Norway) Not the greatest tennis nation, but both are
    really high level players, and they both said they use the wrist snap upon
    impact to create topspin…..