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  • Brent Abel's 5 years ago

    @HookedHooked Thanks Hooked. There are three grips that work for a
    one-handed topspin drive. The eastern backhand and the continental are two
    of them with the eastern bh being the best but can be hard to master. The
    continental works OK, especially on a drive return of serve, but I prefer a
    modified grip, a position that is between the eastern bh and the
    continental. Search my videos for “grip” and you’ll find a number of clips
    that describe the different tennis grips. Brent

  • Brent Abel's 5 years ago

    @headcrabforfood Wish it was, but no. The owners are gracious enough to
    allow me court time for video.

  • undonekai 5 years ago

    ugh my one hand backhand sometimes makes it onto the court how i want it to
    or it flys into the air and out of the court (when i say out i mean over
    the fence.)

  • NonDairyYogurt 5 years ago

    @webtennis i’m guessing he means like a henman backhand… backarm
    outstretched, body open, left leg flying in the air

  • headcrabforfood 5 years ago

    Is that your own personal court, coach?

  • HookedHooked 5 years ago

    @webtennis The “U” key is right next to the “I” key, I don’t think he was
    being facetious, I think he mistyped…so his question is legitimate, what
    is the right grip?

  • Brent Abel's 5 years ago

    @animefreak619240 I don’t know how to grip it correctly for spin? Uh, OK…

  • LeafVillItachi 5 years ago

    When i first started tennis i couldn’t do 2 handed backhand so i’ve always
    done one up untill now. I was hitting with a friend recently and he told me
    that my back le (my left as im a righty) would come up in as i do my
    backhand and he was pestering me to keep it grounded because its better. I
    noticed in your shots that you too lifted your leg naturally and i see
    others on the court doing it. Who is right?

  • LeafVillItachi 5 years ago

    @webtennis yeah i kind of naturally lift my back leg like how you do in all
    your shots in the video.

  • Brent Abel's 5 years ago

    @NuudlEsSouP Just trying to keep those WebTennis fans happy out there!
    Thanks for your kind words… Brent

  • Brent Abel's 5 years ago

    @undonekai Over the fence? We got a lot to work on. Check out the link
    below in the description box and let’s get you organized with my lesson.

  • Brent Abel's 5 years ago

    @LeafVillItachi Back leg comes up? Off of the court? Or sort of

  • NuudlEsSouP 5 years ago

    wow! 2 videos yesterday, and another 1 today! xD that extra value :D