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  • TRAN Alexandre 4 years ago

    Really nice tips btw !!

  • Jake Sirrs 4 years ago

    This is the best serve tutorial I have seen. You go over each step with
    great detail. My biggest problem was how to use supernation and pronation
    during my serve. (I used to use my forehand grip on my serve) Now I
    understand how they both work during the serve. Thank you!

  • Trina C 4 years ago

    Awesome! Now I understand why there is a leap during the serve 

  • Laurence Corray 4 years ago
  • Kees Bos 4 years ago

    I really like your explanation of the turning of the hand and racket from
    supernation to pronation and the relaxed bend of the racket arm afterwards

  • Taro Aikawa 4 years ago

    Great video

  • Arron Hull 4 years ago

    I have been using my forehand grip for serving since I first took up tennis
    some years ago. It was a coach who recently told me to use the chopper grip
    instead, at first I found it quite difficult to get used to, but it has
    totally transformed my serve into a bit of a weapon. I found the rest of
    your tutorial spot on too, well done.

  • Vaitla .Kumar 4 years ago

    Thank you. It was very concise and full of useful information.

  • Daniel Spatz 4 years ago

    good job man! very clear!

  • Anshuman Srivastava 4 years ago

    amazing tutorial sir

  • Burton Prins 4 years ago

    Really helpful video especially on elbow and shoulder injuries 

  • poida smith 4 years ago

    Leg drive UP AFTER getting into power position? …. when should the knees
    bent to load with respect to the toss action, timing the leg action with
    toss? Is it a jumping up action? Many coaches say don’t jump up to ball! 

  • AlColonel 4 years ago

    I just could never jump and hit the ball even though every thing else is

  • iTennis M 4 years ago
  • Henrique Frank 4 years ago

    Real explained video. Really liked the details you put on that. I’ll work
    on those 5 points to improve my serving skills. Greetings from Brazil

  • ndelima1 4 years ago

    Thanks a ton for this. So informative! Really impressed with the reasoning
    behind every action required for the serve.

  • Conrad Crtz 4 years ago


  • TRAN Alexandre 4 years ago

    I wanna see your serve

  • steven tran 4 years ago

    Thank you for your thoroughness. Making tennis fun again.

  • Ron Sheeley 4 years ago

    Some excellent points…liked the birds in background. Hope you do a kick
    serve video

  • Flying Shark 4 years ago

    Man, this is so good. I am a very beginner. When I watched lot other videos
    they were too much to me at a very beginner level. But your video broke
    down each individula pieces and explained great. Good job man. Keep up the
    good work. You are doing wonderful.

  • Sabeena Shiju 4 years ago

    Clear explanation !

  • hayas5 4 years ago

    Great video!
    I have always wondered why pro-tennis players bounce the ball several times
    with the non-hitting arm, before serve. What’s the point of doing that?

  • FairwayJack 4 years ago

    can you comment on the left elbow pulling the shoulders down from the
    trophy position (kinetic chain)