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  • Top Tennis Training - #1 in Online Tennis 4 years ago

    Had some requests to show my serve in slow motion. Notice the pronation on
    each serve.
    Free serve course-
    Free Tactics Course-

  • rozroz 4 years ago

    great videos guys. really waiting for new videos each week ;)

    i wished you could think of a way to make me somehow learn proper, easy,
    fluid PRONATION….
    (i’m around 4.0 4.5 NTRP)
    i can only do it sometimes on flat serves, still not sure how to achieve a
    consistent effortless power from it :(
    i practice serves as much as i can but pronation just seems unnatural for
    especially when i see you hit SLICE and KICK, when the racket face pronate
    to the opposite direction right after ball contact.
    seems impossible for me to understand.

    thanks, and again, good luck on your courses!

  • Carl Neve 4 years ago

    I like to see the differences between serves. On your kick serve do you use
    a continental grip or adjust over your grip? Thanks for all the good stuff
    you put up. 

  • Android18uk 4 years ago

    This video is extremely useful. Thanks.

  • phani kumar 4 years ago

    Thanks for replying, I watched your video hitting with pro, great shots;
    can you make a slow motion video on changing forehand to two hand backhand
    grip while practicing; what things you keep on mind, i know we have to
    practice and it will come naturally. i use semi western for forehand and
    while changing to 2 hand backhand shot sometimes my racket does not go to
    right grip and remains bit open, , in your videos hitting with pro you
    change your grip forehand to backhand and vice versa effortlessly.can you
    put a video best way of practicing this and make it come natural. thank

  • phani kumar 4 years ago

    Nice serves, Great shots, what is the racquet and strings, tension you are
    using, is it prince rebel 95 , how heavy is it?did you customize it?

  • Martha Guillen 4 years ago

    Waiting for a response is like waiting for rain in this drought… Useless
    and disappointing 

  • Martha Guillen 4 years ago

    All of your serves are fantastic! I prefer the kick serve and Simon you’re
    cute (:

  • Jane K Howard 4 years ago

    Really nice action.