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Tennis Singles Strategy - How To Handle The Short Return of Serve – follow that link to get more free tennis instructional videos from Brent Abel. ———————— Brent Abel – WebTennis Ins…
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  • vista7 5 years ago

    Good video. What I have been doing is hitting the short ball; then
    thinking about trying to recover my court position in the middle of the
    court. Lot of guys at my level, 3.5, are guilty of this. What I am
    finding is everyone has strong enough of a net game to really discourage
    guys from coming to net. I can see how this can be a good strategy. 

  • Jek Leung 5 years ago

    my problem is i cant be consistent it either goes in the net or out help?

  • Justin Trofholz 5 years ago

    I have problems in that area since I mostly stay at the baseline. I find I
    can’t hit the ball correctly especially if it’s a weak shot. It goes out. I
    would love to be able to fix this and punish weak returns and weak serves.

  • Donna Wyllie 5 years ago

    my problem is I often hit too close to the lines and it goes out…happens
    alot, right idea,bad execution…

  • Peter Fennell 5 years ago

    Most of the mistakes that I see in taking the short ball is the decision to
    go for too much or even a put away. As a rule, this is a combination shot,
    beginning with the approach….so, try to avoid doing too much and
    concentrate on placement with depth. On the backhand, a good shoulder turn
    will enable a great slice approach and if it is deep, it will be very
    difficult for the opponent to handle. Often neglected is the forehand slice
    approach, or hit the forehand approach with the windshield wiper action
    that can impart side spin. Going deep cross court or up the line with slice
    or side spin from either side need not be hit too hard to be effective.
    Finally, just because a short ball may be a “sitter” these are difficult to
    control when trying to generate pace and placement. A lot of players think
    because it is an easy shot to crush. It is a difficult shot to handle
    properly. Do not let a “sitter” make you a “sucker” by going for too much
    on this one.

  • Imran Khan 5 years ago

    I have been looking for a solution to this particular probelm for a long
    time. I have a decent serve so I get these short returns often. However, I
    am master of hitting back these shots into top of the net or about 6-12″
    long 80% of the time. Without knowing anything about my swing, any advice
    on hitting the ball slightly higher and slightly shorter to put away these
    returns? Meanwhile, I will focus on the points you mentioned above and see
    if it helps. Thank you.

  • VL123 5 years ago

    actually that’s my forte…I love hitting approach shots. I just hit them
    all in the same corner. Gotta vary it up. Of course I need to get back on a
    tennis court. Lol

  • surfjabroni 5 years ago

    I tend to hit the short ball too conservatively as a net approach when I
    should put a bit more meat behind it.

  • Julian Estay 5 years ago

    Biggest challenge for me is to stay cool and not tighten up, when in this

  • TheHavre 5 years ago

    My clumsy footwork

  • TNToncourt 5 years ago

    I suppose you’d hit that shot for slow serves?

  • Neal Abdullah 5 years ago

    I tend to be in a rush to get up to the net, so I pull up while I’m still
    in the motion of the stroke. I think that is the reason quite a few of my
    approaches go long, esp. on the forehand.

  • PRIMEVAL543 5 years ago

    Why can I hit a coming ball, who dropped to knee hight, as hard and precise
    as I want, but a high ball at shoulder hight will at a even not “that” hard
    stroke go into the net or out… When I try to hit high and early (T-line),
    I lose a set 2:6 against an opponent I beat 6:2 when I let the ball drop
    and hit at the baseline on knee hight. Any technique tips?

  • Joshua Gaspard 5 years ago

    Do you think more topspin and depth for this type of shot?

  • Eugene Turchinsky 5 years ago

    My biggest challenge is hitting cross court approach shot. (Often ends up
    in the net.)

  • boscofernandes 5 years ago

    Nice one. Thanks for posting.