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An insight into the coaching philosophy of Tom Allsopp – I believe this video will be valuable to coaches, players and parents, while showing potential clien…
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  • Christophe Delavaut 4 years ago

    Great video Tom! let me know if you are going to make it out to the East

  • Gene Molina 4 years ago

    Great explanation! I have learned much about teaching technique in a more
    natural way for the past few years and am now learning about the natural
    decision making process. This helps me a lot to keep improving on what I
    have been teaching. You are making a difference with your method and that’s
    something to be proud of. Keep up the good work and good luck know out

  • 1tennisx 4 years ago

    Nice video Tom, Can’t wait to see your next video. Hope to see you when you
    visit the east coast. Enjoy Canada!

  • Truenorth 4 years ago

    is that a little doggie sitting behind you? how cute! 

  • Truenorth 4 years ago

    doggie disappeared at 8:29!

  • Tom Allsopp 4 years ago