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You may have great technique but without good tactics you won’t win games. Find out about the tactical situations you’ll find yourself in and how you can use…
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  • David C. Addison 4 years ago

    I really wish you would explain why Nadals opponent continually hits the
    ball right back to him at the baseline? He doesn´t have to move more than
    one or two steps to set up his next play. This is not just against him but
    almost all matches are just hit the ball back to your opponent so he
    doesn´t have to move his body very far to return. This doesn´t make sense
    to me. I would think the strategy would be to spread him out be forcing
    him out of position using the whole court and not just the backcourt. The
    forecourt appears to be ignored by most players. Where is the all court
    game? The finesse and the touch? Nobody seems to be using much and maybe
    they don´t want to practice it, or maybe they don´t have anyone to teach it
    today? Please explain. Thanks.

  • Indira Rodrigo 4 years ago

    0:12 holy crap

  • Los niños de la NASA 4 years ago

    I love this channel… I love Tennis!!

  • Kyoung Miller 4 years ago

    Thank you for a good video!

  • peter frank 4 years ago

    Nice one. 

  • James M 4 years ago

    Anyone know if these people are professionals? they look freaking good

  • 4 years ago

    How to win at #tennis

  • abdimapilis 4 years ago

    I play tennis

  • Nicholas Hall 4 years ago

    ha , footfault

  • JustaMason 4 years ago

    i was look ing for advanced stuff, not this

  • kawola17 4 years ago

    Wow, good vid! I never knew there were 5 situations you could be in. And
    never before this thought about it in this way.

  • xk0reanl0v3rxz 4 years ago

    1:14 Beautiful Loop

  • friesmadecheesy 4 years ago

    kept replaying clips

  • fernandesarman 4 years ago

    Is it me or did that tall guy get aced by the black haired girl?? 1:50

  • Daniel Hwang 4 years ago

    they’re really good at tennis

  • Anthony Drouin 4 years ago

    @NejixByukugan Just you

  • Iyerbaby360 4 years ago

    these guys are crazy good

  • waspsrugbydude151410 4 years ago

    @waspsrugbydude151410 thank you, and also, i LOVE your vids

  • Tuan Tran 4 years ago

    A great video!

  • ² GotRice? © |Baked| 4 years ago


  • TennisXCountry 4 years ago

    0:10 who spins their raquet that fast?

  • dietasse24 4 years ago

    everything is true, but just too basic.

  • evasivenose 4 years ago

    ok these ads r annoying

  • poorluck1103 4 years ago

    These players are from UK if you all watching this didn’t know.

  • luis pedro 4 years ago

    wheres the one handed backhand?? that wos the 0nly thing they dont know
    haha its better. because its easy to control and when the ball bounces
    high, or low. its more difficult to control that backhand.. just watch
    Roger and Roddick, and tell me who has the better backswing. which makes
    powerful and effortless that one handed backhand… great Video..