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  • Peter Freeman 4 years ago

    thinus…I like your comments about the warm up…my advice is start
    hitting slow…start in the short court before you go out and hit with
    partner…move your feet big time…think 50% power and 100% with the
    feet…I got that from Nick Saviano

  • dev karastha 4 years ago

    OMg i love midwest sports! pete, id really love it if u demonstrate how to
    hold balance while hitting a running forehand/backhand. either
    sideways(horizontally) or forward(vertically) putting away a short ball. i
    can sort of do the former but i cant for the love of god put away the short
    sitter type balls, ud think it be a cakewalk but i just freeze and dont
    know what to do. thanx again for this great offer!

  • 정재영 4 years ago

    thank you always for nice and great tennis lessons. I am watching your
    videos on Youtube from South Korea.
    I am much interested in serves like flat, slice, top spin etc. Couly you
    give some tips how I control the ball to the destination
    where I want to send ? I mean placement on serves. Merry Chrismas and Happy
    New Year !

  • Gary Robbins 4 years ago

    As usual, very helpful.
    Would like more on anticipating lobs, especially in doubles.
    I think that going forward doubles tennis will be the most popular
    recreational sport in the country as fit baby boomers gain leisure time,
    but lose athletic ability. You might consider marketing more of your
    services to that niche. We geezers like to win too.

  • Ronald Aramaki 4 years ago

    Hi Peter. Thanks for the video. I’ve hit with a closed stance forever,
    and am trying an open stance. But I come across too soon with the racquet
    and pull it crosscourt. What drill do you recommend to learn how to time
    the hit? Thanks. Ron

  • TheBeybladeGeek 4 years ago

    Can you do a video on how to hit a tweener because I’m tired of people
    always lobbing over my head when u go up to volley and I’m not that tall
    either and it would be a fun video

  • Antonio Ettorre 4 years ago

    Peter as usual nice video and great tips. Merry Christmas and happy new
    year… a new year of new video :-)

  • Bryan Shepherd 4 years ago

    Merry Christmas …. PLEASE COVER VOLLEYS AND OVERHEADS Peter!!!!
    Favorite drills series soon please

  • Patrick Maloney 4 years ago

    Hi Peter. I hit with an open stance and western grip on my forehand and
    have a really hard time hitting my forehand crosscourt. Not sure if you
    have any thoughts or tips on how to make this shot more natural. 

  • TNToncourt 4 years ago

    I really learn a lot from these vids because i have a useless coach.

  • kuruptgt 4 years ago

    My feeds are inconsistent. How do you feed a rally like Roger Federer?

  • GarrettJax1212 4 years ago

    serve and return of serve drills

  • jesustoon 4 years ago

    Hi Pete. First of all, congratulations on reaching one million views on
    your YouTube channel. Could you cover how to hit a kick serve? There is an
    expression “you’re only as good as your second serve”, and I know many
    recreational players would like to master this kind of serve.Thanks for
    sharing your knowledge about the tennis game and Merry Christmas and a
    Happy New Year. 

  • Bob Nichols 4 years ago

    Pete, Thanks for the benefits of open stance forehand. One of my
    challenges is to hit a good overhead smash. Sometimes it goes fine but too
    often I hit the ball long. I suspect that I am hitting too early. Any
    tips on this? Thanks.

  • Thinus van As 4 years ago

    I struggle so much when starting my warmup before practice or a game. I
    really hit the ball all over the place. And all of the sudden, not sure
    what happens, but then something clicks and I am good to go. But before
    that my poor opponent must think he is playing a drunk rookie! Any tips? 

  • Ronald Aramaki 4 years ago

    Hey, Pete. I watched the video on 3 deadly sins of the open stance
    forehand. You were right on target! The answer for me is in the hips.
    Driving forward with the hips and not just the racquet is what will add
    control and direction. Thanks for personally answering. Ron

  • ericd92708 4 years ago

    I am late and dont get the racket back and unit turn early enough. Help.

  • Mark Dayton 4 years ago

    more on drills for Highschool and team tennis players, especially for
    working as one or two coaches with a larger group.

  • Peter Freeman 4 years ago Today’s tennis
    lesson is very important because you will clearly see after watching this
    video why it is so important to add and open stance forehand to your tennis