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Watch our first tennis turorial with professional coach Liam Shelbourne – this one on hitting a forehand shot. Video by Paul Mannion.
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  • Liam Shelbourne 4 years ago

    Hi c-ROK,soz about slow reply been making most of gd weather n been
    on-court all-hours.Soz to contradict your friend but locking your wrist on
    your groundstrokes will stop you achieving any top-spin or feel on the
    shot-a loose grip will keep your wrists flexible enabling you to roll them
    and allow you to brush up or skim the back of the ball,this will give you
    top-spin and control.Practice your swing whilst skimming the tape at top of
    the net.Lock your wrist when volleying.Hope this helps.Cheers

  • chocobosROK 4 years ago

    i was told to lock my wrist by a friend who plays well at tennis…
    ?????????? help!

  • bryronify 4 years ago

    i hurt myself with my right handed forehand hitting my left arm… #LOL

  • kiddynamite 4 years ago

    Thanks man, now it’s over for you guys… i’m coming!

  • Giovanni Castellanos 4 years ago

    Very interesting. Thanks. Regards from Colombia..

  • Bruno Perina 4 years ago

    Coach My Coach!

  • Cow Commando 4 years ago

    and my friends, they either slice or lob me, i have to come up with all the

  • Nintendó P 4 years ago

    nowadays in modern tennis the raquet not goes up to your ear just to your
    side of the shoulder…

  • Liam Shelbourne 4 years ago

    @TheLeilisa – …so there is hope for us mere mortals, I’m 6’1, against the
    giants of modern tennis – Karlovic 6’10, Berdych 6’5 & Soderling 6’4…
    David Ferrer who is currently ranked number 7 in the world and is shorter
    than you at 5’9 – shorter players tend to develop more all-court games
    which, I think, are more attractive to watch – think Michael Chang in the

  • Liam Shelbourne 4 years ago

    @TheLeilisa – Hi,yep 5’10 is fine for tennis-any height or body shape is ok
    as tennis is pretty much a sport for all as well as a sport for life.The
    taller you are the longer your ‘levers’ are so it can be easier to gain
    more power and acceleration/rotation of the arms & shoulders therefore
    increasing racket speed (biomechanics). Extra height is also an advantage
    when serving – I think the crucial height is 6’5 or 6’6 where you can hit
    directly down into the service box. However,Roddick is 6’2..

  • bryronify 4 years ago

    my backhand is nice but my forehand is awful.. my balls keeps on flying

  • Liam Shelbourne 4 years ago

    Hi Ben, many thanks for your comment – of course you are correct…in a
    way. Different shots from different court positions require different
    shaped swings and follow-throughs. For example a short ball which you’re
    intention is to attack, a lower more whip-like follow through would be
    appropriate. However, a standard trading rally ball from the base-line
    would require a higher finish to ensure a good depth to keep your opponent
    under pressure. Hope this clears things up, cheers, Liam

  • chocobosROK 4 years ago

    thanks a lot!

  • Liam Shelbourne 4 years ago

    Hi EA, many thanks for your comment/question. If you’ve been playing a
    while and can direct the ball with a decent clean strike then you can move
    past the wrist-locking on your forehand. It’s now time to create top-spin
    by loosening the wrist and ‘laying your wrist back’ as you take the racket
    back to point to the back fence then coming from below the level of the
    ball really whip/brush/skim steeply up the back the ball to a high finish –
    it will take time to control the spin but good luck!

  • emi3chan 4 years ago

    @TheLeilisa I’m 5’0 and I play tennis

  • tyinykiller5 4 years ago

    if the ball is going to high it means that when u make contact ur racquet
    face is to open, meaning its angled towards the sky. When the racquet hits
    the ball, it should be perpendicular

  • Liam Shelbourne 4 years ago

    Hi Arch, thanks for your comments – you sound like you love playing tennis
    despite the courts and equipment – that’s fantastic, it is the best sport
    in the world after all! I have to say that now Murray has made all us Brits
    proud! With regard to your game – taking pace off some of your shots should
    improve your consistency. Try to set yourself up with an easier shot before
    going for the winner – it’s very satisfying picking an opponent apart
    tactically before delivering the killing shot…

  • Liam Shelbourne 4 years ago

    Hi Cameron (I’m guessing?), many thanks for your comment – was there
    something you’d like me to explain for you? Please feel free to contact me
    with a more specific question, cheers, Liam

  • Andrew Chowaniec 4 years ago

    no that eliminates control

  • Cow Commando 4 years ago

    i have the same problem, my backhand is good except when i hit it overhead
    but my forehand keeps going out. and the forehand grip by the books feels
    awfully awkward. i keep striking the ball with all the strength i got,
    whether it bounces high or low, that may also be a problem lol but you know
    i wanna make some jaws drop to the floor. and i play on a community court,
    needless to say its in very bad shape, the gravel makes the ball bounce
    irregularly and the gear as well is not top notch

  • Liam Shelbourne 4 years ago

    You’re right to a certain extent ‘urafatfagface’ (interesting tag btw!) for
    beginners and v young players it is best to start off with an abbreviated
    swing and a FIRM wrist, not a locked wrist, to enable the player to achieve
    a good clean controlled strike of the ball. However, once this has been
    achieved, the swing should be lengthened and wrist loosened to gain more
    distance and create some spin on the shot. Hope this clears things up, many
    thanks for your comment. Cheers

  • hsu912174 4 years ago

    The point is the racket must not be knocked off direction it contacts the

  • Diamondketo 4 years ago

    i keep doing the low to high thing and it just goes too high and when i try
    to hit it very light it goes too far

  • Liam Shelbourne 4 years ago

    Please check out my own youtube channel: Liam Shelbourne Tennis Channel

  • calixLife 4 years ago

    turn captions on oh god.