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  • MegaReemas 4 years ago

    Great tip, I have been guilty of chopping down on high f/h and b/h volleys.
    A tip that helped me is if I’m volleying above the net, I need to finish
    with the racquet above the net. Thanks for your recent volley tips!

  • Brent Abel's 4 years ago

    @1Man2Go OK! I’ll get a high backhand volley tip up here at YouTube soon…

  • FairwayJack 4 years ago

    top drawer stuff. Thx

  • Here comes the King 4 years ago

    great lesson! i try to pull it down ssoooo many times hahah ;)

  • dodododa 4 years ago

    @webtennis Thanks Brent, will do.

  • john campbell 4 years ago

    your coaching goes against everything my high school coach says but your
    helps me more than his really wanted to thank for all the time you put in
    to making these.

  • Brent Abel's 4 years ago

    @20003606 Hey, this tennis teaching thing ain’t an exact science! Glad to
    read that you’re enjoying the tips here at WebTennis. Brent

  • Here comes the King 4 years ago

    do a backhand smash one too please!

  • dodododa 4 years ago

    Good video. I’ve totally given up on smashes, I just high volly and it
    works every time.

  • Juny Pai 4 years ago

    great quality!

  • Here comes the King 4 years ago

    @webtennis haha thanks! you’re awesome as always.

  • Brent Abel's 4 years ago

    @1Man2Go Yeah, the most common mistake on this high forehand volley is to
    pull it down hoping to at least make the shot. It then just sits up for
    your opponent. Have a level swing and if you miss this shot, miss it
    deep… Brent

  • Brent Abel's 4 years ago

    @dodododa Ah, let’s work on your overhead. It’s too big an opportunity to
    give away. Go on over to webtennis – dot – com and then click the lessons
    link where you can check out my overhead lesson. Brent