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This is a video about the aerial Tennis Ball Machine. These are great little training devices which can be purchased cheaply from K-Mart Stores (I purchased …
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  • Chris Low 4 years ago

    Hi Iron Bell, I haven’t seen these about since I made the video. An
    slightly more expensive alternative is the godoggo

  • Kreative Mart 4 years ago

    very funny music at the beginning… i enjoyed. and I also liked the 50%
    discount part (rofl) you got two? 

  • Daniel Guerra 4 years ago

    Hi Chris, thanks for putting time in sharing this video and don´t let
    stupid comments affect you!!

  • Iron Bell 4 years ago

    Hey I have looked everywhere for this launcher do you have any web links to
    find this Cool music also

  • dodododa 4 years ago

    That’s beyond useless.

  • awaedin 4 years ago

    I don’t think so!

  • Roy Chowdhuri 4 years ago

    Ha ha.. my dogs get real spooked with your music!!!

  • Paul Filis 4 years ago

    hahahahahah u must be kidding..

  • kevlar20 4 years ago

    Think I would rather just drop the ball in front of me

  • Chris Low 4 years ago

    Thanks Andy. That music at the start was my own composition.

  • Cindy C 4 years ago

    hhaa it scared me off lol

  • Andy An 4 years ago

    Are you stupid to put that scaring sharp loud music at the beginning? Is
    your tennis machine for killing people? Nonsense