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  • Vincent Blende 4 years ago

    Who is that boy that won the point?

  • Vincent Blende 4 years ago

    Oi that boy on the front court is good

  • Bury Upon 4 years ago

    that is totally wrong. doing the reverse forehand like nadal does is not
    because he is hitting late, it just imparts extra topspin, which is how
    nadal likes to hit it, he hardly ever hits flat. If u were actually to use
    this follow through u would find that it automatically forces u to brush
    the racquet in an upward motion at contact, creating topsin

  • superpro100 4 years ago

    omg nadal is ambidextrous. he uses left hand for tennis and right hand for

  • BloggsFrederick 4 years ago

    Nadal is left handed. How silly is this.

  • Paul Gold 4 years ago

    Thanks Elliot!!

  • C Tomlin 4 years ago

    so why does the pic show Nadal’s racket finish over his right shoulder, not
    his left?

  • Jimmy Trieu 4 years ago

    @BloggsFrederick Nadal is a natural right hander. He only plays tennis with
    his left hand.

  • liedetecter2000 4 years ago

    0:00-1:40 just to read the first paragraph…

  • huntbug1 4 years ago

    @chtomlin it doesnt……he is finished over his left……

  • Captain Cocoa Puffs 4 years ago

    He uses his left hand for tennis, and uses his right hand for everything

  • 415Underdog 4 years ago

    @chtomlin because nadal is lefty

  • someone9909 4 years ago

    If you want to hit a heavy ball, learn to put your weight into the ball.
    You can step into it, rotate your body more, push off with your back foot.
    good luck

  • Oskar Niklasson 4 years ago

    I disagree totally. A heavy ball can be hit totally flat. Edberg and Lendl
    hit heavy balls, flat. Del Potro hits heavy balls, and his forehand is a
    pancake. Besides, the fact that Nadal and others sometimes end up with the
    racket over their dominant shoulder is because they are late for the shot.
    When they have enough time, they have a different swing path.

  • AtlantisArch 4 years ago

    congrats, u didn’t even say “lift” in your whole explanation. what a waste
    of time …